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April 2015 Newsletter


Trending: Winter Music Conference 2015
A week of global happenings at glance

Pete Werner (Co-Owner, Promo Only) and DJ/Producer MK

For one week each March, Miami Florida's Winter Music Conference becomes the epicenter of EDM as the international dance tribe gathers for a sun-splashed schedule of 400 events, parties, seminars and workshops. This year we put our all-access pass to work to bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the highlights.

And the award for Best Subscription Service/Music Pool goes to...

To recognize and honor exceptional achievements in 57 categories, the International Dance Music Awards calls upon some two million artists, DJs, and industry delegates in 209 countries and territories to cast their ballots. For the ninth consecutive year top honors in the Best Promo Subscription Service/Music Pool category went to Promo Only.

Also taking home the gold was Promo Only Promotions' Cary Vance, John Suraci, and John Parker, winners of this year's Best Independent Music Promotion/Marketing Award. This marks the eighth win for our promotions team.

"We're not about to say that winning the IDMA's Best Promo Service award for the ninth time isn't an incredible honor," said Promo Only co-founder and executive program director Pete Werner. "But our deepest thanks go to our subscribers, to those DJs and VJs who honor us with their vote year after year. We wouldn't be here without their support."

Check out some of the interviews...

Best known for his remix of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" heard some 26.5 million times via Soundcloud and viewed no less than 40 million times on YouTube.

Clean Bandit
Their hit "Rather Be," featuring Jess Glynne, won the 2015 Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

Cedric Gervais
French DJ & producer best known for his 2x Platinum selling remix of Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness" (awarded Grammy for Best Remixed Recording, Non Classical)

For a look at other WMC highlights and a complete list of winners visit

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Spotlight: ARMDJS Conference 8.0
June 22nd - 24th 2015

Ideally located in the mountains of Greenville Tennessee, the Appalachian Regional Mobile Disc Jockey Symposium (ARMDJS) is the perfect choice for those too time strapped to make the annual Vegas convention trek. Offering a laid-back experience never far from nature (or a golf course) ARMDJS allows you to learn, network, and relax with friends or the entire family after a day of seminars hosted by the industry's best and brightest.

"Whether you're a part-time DJ or a full-time DJ, like me, the one thing we all have in common is we love what we do," says event organizer Robbie Britton. "But imagine for a moment just how much more fun it would be to make more money doing what we love to do. That's what inspired me to put together an event that makes learning to earn fun."

Trouble viewing this video? Watch it on YouTube.

Scheduled to appear, experts new and familiar include David Louis, Jamie Bodie, David Wyatt, Mike Walter, Jason Spencer, Ron Ruth and others to be announced!

"We're a small show big on personal attention with one goal -- to arm you with knowledge you can take to your business."

Tickets - and early bird specials - available here.

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The Gear Corner (brought to you by Guitar Center)

Digital DJ Tips Presents...
14 Things DJing Changes About You Forever

Being a DJ is awesome, but boy can it change you! You suddenly find yourself behaving in certain ways, almost involuntarily, and doing things that many "normal" people think are crazy. I'm not talking about going deaf, developing a drug habit and hanging out with people half your age (these are all things you can definitely control, if you want/need to), but more about the subtle behavioral changes that kind of sneak up on you, until they're totally ingrained in who you are! Like...

1. You can never go to a nightclub and have fun
Oh, no. Even if you can get over the secret jealousy of wanting to be DJing, you're hyper-critical of everything, from the DJs to the sound system to the way the door is being run... the lot. The more you DJ out, the more this one creeps up on you, until going out simply becomes research/checking out the competition. You, in short, become a not very fun person to go out with.

2. You spot instantly when a CD loops in a bar, cafe etc...
You feel you are generally the only person who notices background music anyway, and so naturally, you're the only one who gets upset when you hear a CD play on loop. It's especially annoying in nice restaurants, where you can't help yourself thinking: "Why did they pay so much attention to everything apart from the music?" Saying this out loud, though, usually gets you a kick under the table from your other half for being so miserable.

3. You can spot instantly when a speaker is distorting, even at 50 yards!
Picture this: You're on a lovely beach with friends or partner, sun shining, cold drink, and in the distance, a little beach shack plays top 40 radio... through a distorted old speaker. Can you relax? No chance. That little plastic speaker becomes the bane of your life until you are finally out of earshot. Even the crap they're playing becomes secondary to the quality!

4. You can no longer count past four
Crazy but true, you find yourself counting any rhythm anywhere or just an imaginary rhythm in your head, and naturally, you go "one, two, three, four" round and round. (At least you're not a microphone roadie with a rock band, they get stuck at "one-two! one-TWO!")

5. You can't hear a song that you know played in full, without hearing "your" transitions
"Why isn't song X coming in?" you think, until you remember that this isn't actually your mix but just one of "your" songs being played somewhere else. Related: Not liking the speed a song is being played at, because you play it at a different speed... [continue reading]

About Digital DJ Tips: Featuring news, reviews, show reports, and tutorials, Digital DJ Tips is one of the most-read DJ tech websites in the world, with over 60,000 students on its paid and free DJ courses.

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The Gear Corner (brought to you by Guitar Center)

Review: MixEmergency 3
Faster. Cooler. Lighter. (did we mention cooler?)

From day one Inklen has pushed video software to innovation's edge. The first to introduce features such as Random Transitions, Delay Compensation, GPU-accelerated video playback of H.264, and intelligent HD recording -- all while refusing to compromise on stability, quality, and performance - it's no surprise that MixEmergency has become the software of choice for many Mac-based Serato users.

"MixEmergency has always been a great app. But this is levels above everything else," says Promo Only senior video programmer Scott Bucher (DJ Scotty B). "They've significantly ramped up CPU, GPU and RAM performance to provide faster response and a lighter workload for your laptop, which is essential for those of us handling big HD files. It's more app with fewer calories."

And thoroughly compatible with the files of all leading video providers, especially ours.

"Over the past months I've been testing the HD content from Promo Only with the latest optimizations in MixEmergency 3 and the results have been exceptional - a faster, cooler, and lighter MixEmergency than ever before," says Inken's Nick Feisst.

Trouble viewing this video? Watch it on YouTube.

Upgrades Include:
  • New MIDI Pick makes MIDI mapping a snap
  • Improved Anti-Aliasing mode
  • Added (+) and (-) buttons to allow increased delay compensation values
  • Added opacity sliders for Sample Player and FX Sequencer windows to Preferences
  • Improved display handling
  • Added workaround for some Quartz Composition rendering issues that could stop some compositions from rendering correctly
  • Increased the minimum supported version of Mac OS X to 10.7
  • Performance Notifications...
  • All without compromising stability
Minimum Requirements
Mac (2010 model or later) - Mac OS X 10.7.5 - Scratch Live 1.9.2 or Serato DJ 1.6

MixEmergency 3 is now available for $199.00.

MixEmergency 2 users can upgrade for only $89.00 now through May 1, 2015.

For more details and demos visit

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Success Coach Stacy Zemon:
What To Do With Your Tax Refund Check

Jerry Bazata, "Money Answer Man"

"Should you save or spend your tax refund check this year?" asks DJ Success Coach Stacy Zemon. "Here are some bright ideas from's "Money Answer Man" Jerry Bazata.

It's that time of year when Uncle Sam rewards us for all our hard work and sends us back our "billions" of overpayments in federal income tax. For business owners, this is like finding huge amounts of coin in the cushions of the couch or under the seat of our car. The Internal Revenue Service recently reported that the average refund check in 2015 will be approximately $3,000.00 per household.

What to do with your tax refund check; how should you spend or save the money? As the "Money Answer Man" and having worked with hundreds of business owners, it's appropriate to share some ideas to consider. [continue reading]

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Profile: Frankie Seminario
A Shared Passion

It's not just a corporate slogan: Music IS our passion, a passion we like to think we share with all our customers, none more so than marathon Dance Radio reviewer Frankie Seminario, aka DJ Frankiethaluckydog.

Diagnosed with autism at age 12, Frankie found peace and passion in the rhythmic music he heard growing up each night on Long Island's Party 105.3. Inspired by 105's playlists, he began creating his own countdowns, based on what he would hear on P2P sites such as LimeWire, and posting them on a website of his own. His passion would later drive him, at just 17 years old, to review an album that rocked his young world, Cascada's "Everytime We Touch".

Frankie began reviewing in earnest upon receiving Dance Radio May 2006, his first Promo Only CD. He has since reviewed virtually every Dance Radio release and shared those reviews on a global platform where he has garnered the attention and admiration of artists such as Dee-1, Diana Falzone, Eddie Amador, Edun, Fila Phil, Jill Tirrell (Krista), Lokee, Lil' Cali, Kevin Gates, Marcie, Rod Carrillo, and VL Mike.

Today, with a Master's Degree in video production, a four-year stint hosting his own show on Marywood University's VMFM-91.7, 1,450 CD reviews, an article in Mass Appeal Records' magazine, and a second album about to be released to his credit, Frankie still finds the time to submit his Dance Radio reviews, for which we are most appreciative.

Thanks Frankie!

Keep up with Frankie (if you can) via...

Twitter: @LuckyFrankie621
Main Blog + Reviews:
Blog | Playlists + Countdowns:

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Video of The Month:
Bel Pesce | 5 Ways To Kill Your Dreams

Trouble viewing this video? Watch it on TED.

All of us want to invent that game-changing product, launch that successful company, write that best-selling book. And yet so few of us actually do it. TED Fellow and Brazilian entrepreneur Bel Pesce breaks down five easy-to-believe myths that ensure your dream projects will never come to fruition.

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POOL Pro Tip
POOL Content Filters - one small click can make a big difference...

If you're suffering from the screen clutter that can creep up on those who enjoy our multi-genre plans, we've got some space-saving tips this month that will background any content you don't need for your day-to-day play.

Not reaching so much for the rock, Christian or Latin? Reach for your Preferences Tab and you'll find our Show Content By Genre filters let you easily de-select any genres you can afford to back burner, and bring them back just as easily. Simply uncheck the box next to any genre you don't need today, and check it when you're ready for something new.

Likewise, our Show Content by Format filters let you set aside any Promo Only folders you don't want front and center. If you're not a fan of downloading any folders, simply hit Deselect All and watch your queue as it whittles down to just the essential single releases.

Pro-Tip: Use our Hide Content With Warning with great care. HCWAW will also hide any clean edits that may target a topic a tad too grown up for young ears, including many of the top hits you'll want to play, after previewing, of course.

Make any changes needed, tap the Apply Preferences tab, and done.

Enjoy the deep discount our bundled plans provides with no clutter. That's where our POOL Content Filters let you manage your media your way.

Questions about POOL?
Contact us at or by calling 407-331-3600

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APRIL 2015

Find all the hottest Top 40, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Dance and Latin Hits, and where they appear on your Promo Only Series.

View the current Hitlist

**EDITORS NOTE** The current Hitlist may still be in the process of being compiled so please check back if the one shown is not the most current.

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New! Best of Hairbands Vol. 6 and Best of 2012 Vol. 2
Get these music video hits!

Best of Hairbands Vol. 6       Best of 2012 Vol. 2

Get them by the Download (POOL)    $25.00
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View the tracklistings
Best of Hairbands Vol. 6
Best of 2012 Vol. 2

Featuring dual-purpose MPEG4 files playable as HD video or Audio-only.

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Useless Info: Alltime 10s Presents...
10 April Fools Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

Everyone loves a good prank, but the hilarious and seemingly harmless ones can quickly turn scary and stupid. Here are 10 April Fool's pranks that went terribly wrong...

Trouble viewing this video? Watch it on YouTube.

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