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Trending: DJs Helping Veterans
Spotlight: DJ Cova + Tweak Music Tips
ProMobileDJ: Make 2020 your best year
The Gear Corner: Year - End Specials
Video of the Month: Lizzo - “Good As Hell”
POOL Tips: Simplify Your Downloads
The Hitlist: December 2019
Nick's Picks: December 2019
Classic Video Special: Best of Alt Rock V2 / Best of Remixes V1
Promo Only: New Year's Eve Countdowns!
TED: Why doesn't the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall over?

Trending: DJs Helping Veterans
Together we can change veterans and their family’s lives!

You’re invited to give this Christmas story a happy ending...

Once upon a time there was a DJ who saw men and women who had faithfully served our country struggling in the Season of Giving to provide for their families, and took to phone and Facebook. Asking only that friends, neighbors and fellow DJs donate the equivalent of one Starbucks Coffee or one trip to McDonald’s, the Caring Patriots Veterans Food Drive was born.

“It all started when one of my former DJs, Mike Cozzi, saw an item on the news about veterans so down on their luck that they couldn’t provide gifts or holidays meals for their families,” says DJ Keith KoKoruz. “That first year we fed one hundred and nine families. Since then, thanks in part to a DJ community gracious enough to give, we’re now feeding over a thousand veteran families and recently delivered more toys to the Marine’s Toys for Tots than the Chicago Bears.”

Thanks to your donations, Caring Patriots
delivers an average of 9 bags of groceries per family,
including a 20lb turkey and apple pie.

Those living in the Chicago area are also welcome to donate their time by joining the hundreds of church, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and private volunteers who organize and distribute groceries and toys over the course of two days at staging sites donated by local supermarket chain Jewel.

“Next year we’ve been lucky enough to have secured a twenty-five thousand dollar donation from PepsiCo,” says Keith, who also donates his time and talent by DJing for the staging event. “That’s a big deal.”

But your help, this year and next year and the next has never been more important to these still-struggling families.

It’s important to give something back.
You get a thousand DJs giving just ten dollars each
and you see lives change!

For more info and to place a much appreciated donation today visit

make a donation

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Spotlight: Tweak Music Tips
New monthly tips from DJ Cova

He may not look like Santa Claus but DJ Cova is sharing the gift that keeps giving all year!

Trouble viewing this video? Watch it on YouTube

Tweak Music Tips with DJ Cova
Coming January 2020

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ProMobileDJ: with Julie Oshins
How to make 2020 your best year ever!

In January most of us create resolutions, or at least goals for the rest of the year, a proposed future we are hoping to live into. Then when December comes around… where did the year GO? I’m a huge fan of completion, which Webster defines as the act or process of finishing something: the state of being complete or finished.

How you can meet your goals (this year and next!)

I use something called the ELADGRA system, from Someday is Here by Jeanette Isabella. Divide a page into three columns using the headings Eliminate/Add/Grateful For. Close your eyes and relax. Let your mind wander and think about what you want to eliminate, add, and are grateful for. When you are ready, write down everything you can think of in the appropriate column. Be spontaneous and don’t overthink it! When you get stuck on what to write next, it’s time to stop.

Sometimes I set a timer for five minutes once I begin writing. I often do this exercise mid-year as well. Some items on your list may surprise you; others may be predictable (I have wanted to eliminate those same 10 pounds more than once!) You may not be able to imagine how you could add some things to your life, or where to begin to eliminate others. Don’t worry. It’s in your conscious mind now. Like goals, the items on your ELADGRA list will take varying times to realize.

Knowing what we are grateful for
helps us to connect with the things in our life
that make us the happiest.

Additionally, I sit down with a few close friends and our calendars, and we go through each month and celebrate all we did and accomplished, reliving the best parts of our successes and achievements. Notice the events that stand out to you. The memories. The experiences. Simultaneously, I look at what I did NOT accomplish. What did I set out to achieve, that did not happen... [continue reading]

About: Julie Oshins Julie is a mobile She-J playing the best of all of it and specializing in her vintage music roots. She helps people create the soundtrack for the memorable moments in their lives via Transformotion Mobile DJ Services in Seattle WA.

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The Gear Corner: NLFX Pro
Ben Stowe’s Year-End Specials start now!!!


The year has flown by and I hope it was a blessed and prosperous one for you. If it was very prosperous, it is worth mentioning that there is still time to take advantage of IRS bonus depreciation and Section 179 options to expense and more rapidly depreciate equipment purchase to reduce your tax burden for 2019!

I’m not an accountant, so it’s worth discussing this with your tax preparer but in the meantime here’s a helpful document from the IRS that explains it in... well... accounting language: new rules and limitations for depreciation/expensing under the tax cuts & jobs act

This will allow you to make qualifying equipment purchases
to grow your business while paying less taxes for 2019!

I see this as a win-win because one thing we know for certain is that prices will continue to go up in 2020. I’ve already received several price lists for 2020 that have increases, some taking effect as soon as January 2nd!

We’ve decided to sweeten the pot a little bit with some great end-of-year offers for you, as well. Apply for our NLFX Synchrony Card and enjoy 0% interest payment options on every purchase at NLFX, including a whopping 60 months 0% interest on a Denon Prime 4. That’s 5 YEARS at 0% interest (or enjoy some discounts on shorter payment options as well).


But wait… there’s more! If you use your card the same day you are approved you get a $100 Visa Gift card by rebate. Let me run that by you again… apply, get approved, make a purchase the same day as your approval and you get a $100 Visa Gift card.


Here’s a few other hot end of year deals worth noting: Sennheiser’s highly vaunted Evolution 100 series 4th Generation systems now start at just $499 for a handheld or lav — that’s $100 off (and you can get a lot of egg nog for $100!)!


Chauvet has many of their best sellers at fantastic savings on their winter promo, and you can enjoy 48 months 0% interest on these items with your NLFX Synchrony card!


And lastly, how about this for a stocking stuffer! Tidy up your cables on 2” trussing or totems with the SNAP clamp at savings that would even make the Grinch jolly. Buy 2, get the 3rd one FREE!


For more info and Ben’s best-price guarantee visit

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Video of the Month: Lizzo - “Good As Hell”

Trouble viewing this video? Watch it on YouTube

via Wikipedia

"Good as Hell", written and recorded by American singer and rapper Lizzo and Producer Ricky Reed. Originally released on October 7, 2016 through Atlantic Records and Nice Life Recording Company as the lead single from her debut extended play Coconut Oil, it was re-released in 2019 as a radio single, where it became a sleeper hit like her first hit, "Truth Hurts".

In a review for NPR, Hanif Abdurraqib praised the song's inspirational and motivational qualities, saying "[the song is] the anthem of both the night itself and of life in preparation for it: the saint that comes to you in the mirror when the lighting is bad, or the hair won't move the way you want it to, or when you've tried on all of the outfits and none of them seem right." Abdurraqib also called it "the rare song that can play at any point in a night out and resonate in each."

Available on Hot Video DEC 2019

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POOL Pro Tips: Simplify Your Downloads
Download by the folder — and done!

It’s a POOL fact of life: songs serviced as daily singles can often appear in a number of other folders, such as our weekly Top 20 Playlists, weekly Express Audio batch download folders, and even our monthly genre folders (Mainstream Radio, Urban Radio, Rhythm Radio, etc.).

Not a biggie for those who search by title, artist or BPM. One click on your app’s never download duplicate songs will keep your hard drive clutter to a minimum.

But did you know that POOL also offers the perfect have-it-your-way solution for those who want all the songs they download attached to EVERY folder they appear in?

Simply give your PREFERENCES tab a tap, check the CREATE FOLDER FOR ISSUE DOWNLOADS box, seal the deal with a click on the APPLY PREFERENCE icon and you’ll receive every song in every folder it appears in!

PRO-TIP: Our create folder for issue downloads feature requires you uncheck the never download duplicate songs box!

Have a suggestion or question about POOL?
Contact us at or by calling 407-331-3600

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DEC 2019
Find out what's trending

Find all the hottest Top 40, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Dance and Latin Hits, and where they appear on your Promo Only Series.

December 2019 Hitlist

**EDITORS NOTE** The current Hitlist may still be in the process of being compiled so please check back if the one shown is not the most current.

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Nick's Picks: DEC 2019
Check out the new adds to Nick's eclectic playlist!

Nick's Picks

Nick James

  1. Allen Stone - Celebrate Tonight
  2. Jack River - Later Flight
  3. The Sounds - Tony The Beat
  4. The Big Moon - Your Light
  5. Telekinesis - Please Ask For Help
  6. Iggy Pop f./ Sum 41 - Little Know It All
  7. John Cougar Mellencamp - Crumblin’ Down (PO Intro Edit)
  8. Rick James - Give It To Me Baby
  9. Gucci Mane f./ Megan Thee Stallion - Big Booty (PO Intro Edit)
  10. MC Luscious - Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend



As a POOL subscriber you'll find them in your POOL charts & playlist tab
and you can download it now for free.

Listen on the go by following: Spotify

Never been a POOL subscriber?
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Email us and we'll get you started.

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Best of Alt Rock
Volume 2

$25.00   / Download (POOL)

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Best of Remixes
Volume 1

$25.00   / Download (POOL)

now   $15.00 ea.


Music Videos are playable as audio-only via software that supports MPEG4

Offer Ends
Sunday, December 22nd, 2019
11:59pm EST

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Promo Only: Happy New Year!
NYE Countdowns to 2020

Countdown to 2020


Twelve (12) New Year's Eve video & audio countdowns*
(six (6) in English + six (6) in Spanish) are now in your POOL player.

*Located in the Issues & Singles tab of your POOL app,
videos are also playlable as audio-only via software that supports MPEG4.


Never tried POOL?
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TED: Alex Gendler
Why doesn't the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall over?

Trouble viewing this video? Watch it on TEDEd

via TEDEd

In 1990, the Italian government enlisted top engineers to stabilize Pisa's famous Leaning Tower. There'd been many attempts during its 800 year history, but computer models revealed the urgency of their situation. The tower would topple if it reached an angle of 5.44 degrees - and it was currently leaning at 5.5. What gives the tower its infamous tilt? Alex Gendler explores the monument's history.

Lesson by Alex Gendler / Directed by Aim Creative Studios / Narrated by Addison Anderson / Music by André Aires

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