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It's one of the busiest club and special events nights of the year.
Are you ready for that mob of party-hungry trick or treaters? You can be...

Spooky Videos volume 1

Spooky Videos volume 2

Spooky Video V1 & Spooky Video V2 on special through October 31st:
$20.00 each (half off!)
Or buy both for $35.00
Available on DVD and DFF data disc



Start booking those Christmas parties today by stocking up on the industry's
most complete collection of essential holiday favorites -- at unprecedented holiday prices.

Christmas Video volume 1

Christmas Video volume 1.5

Christmas Video volume 2

Best of Christmas V1, V1.5 & V2 on special through December 15th.
$20.00 each ($10.00 off!)
Or buy all three for $45.00

Fall into our holiday special today with one call or click:


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Hits HD

Mix-Friendly Hits HD
We'll gladly share them with you

It's taken less than six months for our radically new Hits HD to revolutionize the VJ industry. Why so long? The problem appears to be that Hits HD seems too good to be true. Apparently a lot of people are skeptical when you tell them that affordable, street-legal HD video, HD Video Intro Edits and HD Video Quick Edits are not just available, but available daily. And not just for download, but for direct download, because, like all POOL content, we send Hits HD directly to your hard drive.

Our biggest obstacle? You try telling a DJ that he can pocket 10 or more daily HD Videos, Video Intro Edits, Video Quick Edits, and the occasional HD Classic FREE with any one of our new video plans and see if he doesn't stare at you like you're some deposed Nigerian prince.

But nothing could be more true. We even put it in writing:

Hits HD brings you daily digital delivery of the newest hi-def music video, Video Intro Edits and Video Quick Edits. Included in all video bundles and available as an add-on to any POOL Monthly Video selection, Hits HD offers...

  • Full-screen 720p resolution
  • Extended mix-friendly 32-beat Intro Edits (with no skits or breaks)
  • Mix-friendly Quick Edits (with no skits or breaks)
  • 10+ new releases daily
  • 12+ additional HD Video Classics per month
  • Direct delivery to your hard drive via our free download manager app
  • Free tech support via phone and instant chat
  • Fully Clouded content for fail-safe back-up
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • The ability to mix HD video like the kick-butt DJ you are – without limitations.

Still don't believe us? Also in writing: A very special offer that should eliminate all doubt…

Sign on for any one of our affordable new POOL Video Multi Format Selections (available for viewing HERE) and, in addition to a special prepay discount that brings you two free months of service, we'll include our COMPLETE 1500+ HD Video and HD Video Intro Edits library at no charge.

***Pick a video plan, prepay for 10 months, and walk away
with two free months of service and a 1500+ library of HD music video***

Help yourself to Hits HD. You'll be rewarded handsomely for your assistance.

To order call the Hits HD Hotline today at 407-331-3600.
Or email

Offer ends October 31st 2012


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2007 v3

New On DVD & DFF Hot Video Classics Best of 2007 Volume 3

Tracklistings include: Umbrella, Rihanna (Seamus Haji and Paul Emanuel Club Remix*); This Is Why I'm Hot, Mims f/Cham & Junior Reid (Blackout Edit Remix); Cupid's Chokehold, Gym Class Heroes; On The Hotline, Pretty Ricky; Get It Shawty, Lloyd; and more.

Complete tracklistings available HERE!

Hot Video Classics Best of 2007 Volume 3 is available on DVD and DFF (digital file format/MPEG4) data disc.

To order your copy today call 407-331-3600 or click

Got a suggestion?

Your requests for the video content you need for your venue/events is not only appreciated but important to our programmers. Please email your requests for older content to and suggestions for newer releases to


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The Denon MC2000:
Beatmix. Meet chics.

Inspired by the mainstream success of DJs Guetta and Skrillex, and the status afforded them, a new generation of DJs is entering the market -- in droves. Accordingly there is a rush by manufacturers to cash in on this bumper crop with what too often proves to be beginner's bling -- DJ controllers that are long on looks and short on functionality.

Fortunately for newbies, as well as old hands making their first foray into digital DJing, Denon has raised the bar on start-up gear with the release of the MC2000 DJ controller, an entry-level device that will get you up to speed post-haste: Along with its plug-and-play USB capability, the MC2000 arrives with a fresh copy of Serato's DJ Intro mixing software (for which it was specifically designed) to get you started; if that's doesn't prove to be your thing, or if you're already well on your way to rockstar DJ status and just looking for a more compact controller, no problem -- full MIDI output means the MC2000 can make nice with other software, too.

Layout-wise, there's a basic two-channel mixer nestled between dual jog wheels, and all the usual buttons for hot-cues and loops etc. As is fast becoming standard, the audio interface is built-in, making the hook-up at gigs a much simpler -- and less computer-intensive -- affair.


  • Designed specifically for 'Serato DJ intro' Software (included)
  • Plug & Play – USB Bus Powered
  • Full MIDI Output – Map to other DJ Software
  • Denon DJ 'Professional Grade' Construction
  • Intuitive File Browsing Controls
  • Built-in Audio interface
  • MIC Input /Line Input

Spotlight feature: Thanks to a built-in pro-grade USB Audio Interface, there's no need to ratchet up your computer's processing power to output club-quality audio; great sound comes factory equipped.

Available this October for an estimated street price of $299.00 -- plenty of time to roll out the Ramen Noodles and start saving.

For more info visit


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DJ Success Coach, Stacy Zemon, tells you how you can win a prize with the Facebook LIKE Contest!

Click on the image above to be magically transported to their facebook fan page!

For ideas, information and advice from industry experts, visit every day to better your business and income!

And while you're there, join the Pro Mobile DJ Club. You'll get LOTS of valuable FREE RESOURCES to manage and grow your company!


Disc Jockey Video Network – Internet TV for DJs, by DJs.

Tired of searching around endlessly on YouTube® for quality DJ videos? Then you're gonna love DJVN! is a free site that features an ever-expanding library of shows that can be watched by topic including gear reviews, tutorials, news shows, and much more!

Their hyper-connected global audience as 24/7 access to videos via computer, mobile device, or television.

Community membership is also free. As a member, you can share your opinions, ideas, and questions with other DJs of all types.

DJVN is always on the lookout for engaging, original new material. Check out the Content Partner area on the website to see how you can showcase your productions to other DJs around the world for free!


Virtual DJ Mall is an online, easy-to-shop location where you'll find a huge selection of products for disc jockeys, including: * Caps & Hats * Jewelry & Watches * Clothing & Shoes * Items for Your Gigs & Office * Bags & Cases * Electronics * Toys * Educational Books & Videos and * Free Resources

Take a look around! Have fun! And tell your DJ friends about all of the awesome sick stuff you find there!


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Dave Nunez

Dave Nuñez
funny you can dance to

Dave Nuñez knows funny. Always has. Ever since he was a kid, Nunez knew a good joke when he heard one, a gift from his mother, a woman whose effortless humor inspired Nunez to pursue the art of the joke at a young age. He was the guy with the jokes; the guy at every party; the guy known for his sense of humor and love of music.

These days, having scaled the comedy mountain as writer, producer and headline comedian at major venues such as The World Famous Comedy Store, The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, The Ice House, the Improvs, and most recently at our own Promo Only Artist Showcase, Nunez, and manager Reneé Casteé, have created MOXY Productions, a project that puts top-notch comedians on the same stage with up-and-coming musicians for a unique evening of barbs and beats.

Dates and locations for the aptly named RockStar Comedy tour are forthcoming. You can stay up to date on all things Dave by checking out his Facebook page HERE. Or by giving an ear to his newest comedy CD, BeanerSchnitzel™, available for purchase at

For bookings and productions info, contact: RENEE CASTEE @MOXYPro; 310-540-MOXY/6699 or visit


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Putting the Spotlight on Uplights Harnessing the WOW factor

Trendspotters agree: Demand for uplighting is on the rise.

Just what is uplighting? For the answer to that we went to special event DJ and uplighting aficionado Eric Stoner, owner of Nittany Entertainment.

"Uplighting has been around for years, but the lights were big, hot halogen lights that could potentially cause damage and many banquet halls and clubs outlawed them because of their power consumption and fire hazards," says Eric. "Nowadays, uplighting has surged in popularity thanks to safer, more efficient LED lights.


"Most new uplights have over a million color options and can be customized to create the exact ambiance that you want throughout your event: Penn State fans? Add blue and white uplights. Are your bridesmaids all in pastel pink or hunter green? Fall or beach themed? Make the room match." says Eric.

How's it work? "Uplighting sits on the floor and produces a beam of light that reaches the ceiling. When placed along a wall or in a corner, it can change the look of the room, softening florescent lights and highlighting architecture, giving a plain, multi-purpose room a totally unique and elegant look customized to your mood, colors, or whatever else you want the 'feel' of your wedding, club or special event to be. The newest types of uplights are wireless and safe enough to even place under a table to highlight certain special items of notice at your event, such as the bridal party table, the cake, buffet table or bar, or any other items"

"Uplighting really does bring a true 'wow factor' to any event and will be remembered by your guests for years to come," concludes Eric.

For more trendspotting tips from Eric, visit


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Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month: POOL: What's in your plan? It's up to you!

We know things change, especially if you're a DJ. Did you know that, when they do, POOL changes with you?

Getting requests --- or job offers? -- for a format you don't have (Country? Latin? Dubstep?)? You can add one, two or more formats, at the drop of a hat, to your POOL subscription. And repeat as needed.

Will offering video help you land that next gig? You can upgrade to POOL Video at a moment's notice, and have a library of video hits that lasts a lifetime on your hard-drive same day.

Subscribing to CDs, DVDs or DFF data discs, tired of waiting for the mailman, and counting the days until your renewal so you can cash in on some serious POOL savings? Why wait: You can roll over to your dream POOL subscription with one quick phone call.

POOL: Upsell yourself



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Video Of The Month

Video of the Month
Baby got back


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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series --[click here]

**EDITORS NOTE** The current Hitlist may still be in the process of being compiled so please check back if the one shown is not the most current.


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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

Women who have had songs written for them



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