POOL Deluxe

POOL Deluxe
Catch our fully loaded ride.

Like it or not, every gig you do is advertisement for your next gig. You may be working a wedding this week, but who's to say there's won't be someone there planning a Church social or Quinceañera or backyard barbecue next week who might beat feet to book you after hearing a little Christian Top 40, Latin Pop or Country? You never know. But you can be prepared -- easier and more affordably than you might think.

How many gigs have you missed this year because you didn't have
the tunes to book out of the box?

There's a new way to receive all the music you need, one that combines the speed of the Internet with the Clean Edits, Intro Edits, Quick Edits, and media-rich programming Promo Only is famous for. And you can experience it today.

POOL delivers your choice of any single genre or multi-genre bundle directly to your PC or Mac in just seconds. One click and our exclusive POOL Player app does it all: download; organize; check out the latest charts; search by title, artist, or BPM; create, export and submit playlists; even customize your ID3 tags – POOL makes it easy.

POOL Deluxe takes easy to the extreme...

Our Deluxe package earns its name by bringing you every format we offer, every day.
POOL Deluxe brings you all-access to the newest Top 40, Urban, Rhythm Crossover, Rock, Country, Dance, Latin, Christian, plus a host of exclusive Intro Edits, Quick Edits and mix-show edits daily, just like the many radio stations we service.

And that's the shallow end of the POOL.

Deluxe goes deeper to bring you the most complete assortment of exclusive electronic dance, remixes, instrumentals and acapellas in the industry. All without going over your head – or budget. POOL Deluxe delivers fully tagged files in conveniently labeled folders directly to your hard drive for as little as $49.99 per month.

For more info or details on our special prepay discounts call or click

POOL Deluxe. We're taking you places...


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Best of Love v9

The Denon MC3000 Mixer MIDI Controller
Flex Your Mix

Meet the new Denon MC3000 Mixer and MIDI Controller, a sleek stand-alone digital DJ mixer that, based on the rave reviews it drew from hands-on attendees at this month's Mobile Beat Vegas, seems destined to set sail as Denon's new flagship MIDI controller.


The MC3000 is no holds barred pro MIDI controller that arrived at our door packaged with Virtual DJ LE and fully optimized for Native Instruments® TRAKTOR™ 2. Factor in its 4-Deck control, superior soundcard and modest price point, and it's easy to see why the MC3000 is suited for bedroom and budget-minded pro DJs alike.


  • Slim Tabletop design for easy portability
  • Professional-Grade Steel Chassis
  • Intuitive 4 deck hardware control, with visible deck color change
  • USB Audio Interface 2 in / 2 out (Stereo)
  • MAC OSX, Windows XP/Vista/Win7 Compatible
  • Powerful 3-way Audio/Video Assignable cross-fader for Video performances
  • High resolution 105mm Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheels
  • Smooth 100mm long Pitch Slider with high 14-bit resolution
  • File browse navigation keys & rotary encoder file selector knob
  • 8 (4 + 4) Hot Cue buttons w/layer bank selector key
  • Powerful Shift Key - used for various dual button operation
  • Large size CUE & PLAY buttons
  • Search Keys (<< >>) to advance around within the file
  • Denon's legacy "Pitch Bend" keys
  • Vinyl & Pitch Bend Jog modes
  • MIDI Mappable control surface (Faders, knobs and buttons) for other DJ applications
  • Firmware upgradable over USB
  • Size 15.7"(w) x 2.0"(h) 10.0"(d) 19.0"(w) 6U (d) rack mounting size
  • Weight 6.9lbs unit


The MC3000 offers every feature we need to flex our mix in an ultra-portable, durable 2-channel controller.

MSRP: $599.95. Real-world: Less. And worth shopping for.


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Pioneer DDJ-ERGO

Childish Gambino
Nerd-hop. Respect.

He had us at Childish Gambino, a stage name derived from Wu-Tang Clan's online rapper-name generator. (For the record, our rapper name is Tuff Worlock. Respect) We're referring to Donald Glover, better known for his roles as Troy Barnes on NBC comedy series Community.

As a rapper, Glover has released three albums and a pair of mixtapes, all of them distributed free via the 'net. Camp, released Nov. 15, is his first commercial release and fully displays his uncanny ability to blend references as diverse as Drake, Invader Zim, Casey Anthony and The Human Centipede (from "Bonfire," the album's lead single).

If you're new to Childish Gambino, do yourself a favor and punch up Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary as you listen to Camp. You'll need those reference guides to get the full impact of Glover's well-informed and often gut-busting flow. Listen deeper and you'll hear masterful tales of the trials and tribulations of high school, the feeling of never being "hard" enough or "black" enough, the many people who have called him gay, and his fondness for Asian women. Think Kanye circa The College Dropout: not the media-baiting megalomaniac we know today, but the insecure guy from middle-class Georgia who sounded grateful just to be alive.

Ultimately it's Glover's honesty that keeps things interesting. As Childish Gambino he owns his nerdiness and wears his insecurities like a badge of honor, describing himself best with a line from "Bonfire": "Rap's stepfather - yeah, you hate me, but you will respect."

Pick up Childish Gambino's newest release, "Heartbeat," on Mainstream Radio, Urban Radio and POOL.

For more Childish-ness visit http://childishgambino.com/

And be sure to help Childish Gambino win the Breaking Woodie award by voting here!



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DJ Codes

What Google+ Can Do for Your DJ Business
ProMobileDJ.com's Stacy Zemon has the answers.

Success coach Stacy Zemon shows you exactly how Google+ can help you make some important new connections for your company.

"What's Google+ all about, and why is it worth paying attention to? Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world," says Zemon. "You can share your thoughts, links, and photos with different networking circles (e.g., clients, prospects, peers, family, friends, etc.), as well as using video chat to strike up group conversations. It's really a whole new form of social media." CLICK HERE for the full story.

For ideas, information and advice from industry experts, visit ProMobileDJ.com every day to better your business and income!

CLICK HERE to join the Pro Mobile DJ Club. You'll get LOTS of valuable FREE RESOURCES to manage and grow your company!


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What's Your DJ Business Worth?

Pump Up Your Kicks
and get out the vote!

If you've ever said to yourself, "I wish I could have more access to more music," here's your chance to put your mouse with your mouth is: Promo Only has been nominated as Best Record Pool/Promo Subscription Service at IDMA 2012. But to seal the deal – and lock in our 6th consecutive win -- at this year's 27th Annual International Dance Music Awards, we need your vote!

It's easy: One click on the link below will take you to an online ballot. Simply click on the nominees of your choice (we are competing in Category 38), hit submit and get ready for the rush of rapid releases, clean edits, remixes and exclusive dance mixes headed your way this year.

To cast your ballot, visit http://wintermusicconference.com/idmaballot/finalballot/

Voting concludes March 1st 2012, so please act before then.

With your help – and your vote – we're keeping Promo Only #1 (again).


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Slow Roast Records

Glassnote Records
Shattering Records

Theirs would be an enviable track record for a major label -- a meteoric ascent when you consider that indie label Glassnote Records has only just blown out five birthday candles.

Founded in 2007 by industry icon Daniel Glass (Billy Idol, Wilson Phillips, Jon Secada, Warren Zevon, The Pretenders, Eryka Badu, Blur, Better Than Ezra), Glassnote abides by simple rules: Don't hire the same old record people; build buzz with small media; and trust your own bands' scouting reports (Glassnote's Grammy-nominated Mumford & Sons was signed at the suggestion of label-mates The Temper Trap).

The CliffNotes since go a little something like this: In 2009, Glassnote released French indie rock band Phoenix's fourth album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which picked up the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2010. In February 2011, Mumford & Sons' Sigh No More became the label's highest charting album, peaking at #2. That same month, Mumford & Sons' single, "The Cave," became the label's first release to enter Billboard's Top 40, peaking at #27. In 2011, the label released its first hip-hop album, Camp, by Childish Gambino, the music project of actor/comedian Donald Glover.

By April 2011 Rolling Stone had anointed Glassnote Records Best Indie Label.

In an industry beset by declining sales, Glassnote Records is unique: It is the only new label breaking big bands in a big way, leading the pack of indie acts (among them Mumford & Sons) who scored better than half of this year's Grammy nominations (273 out of 543 nods went to indie artists according to indie trade group A2IM).

To learn more about Glassnote Records and/or for a listen to their roster of out-of-the-box artists visit http://glassnotemusic.com/page/artists-1

To keep you finger on the pulse of the increasingly popular indie movement, check out our new Alternative Video series here.


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And now a word from our sponsors...

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Tip of the Month

Help with your POOL subscription is now available in an instant. POOL Live Chat puts you in direct contact with POOL tech support with the click of a mouse. Simply go to your POOL Players Support tab, click the POOL Live Chat button and relax as our capable crew walks you through any problems you may be experiencing.

"POOL Live Chat allows you to connect to any of our helpful support staff within seconds," offers POOL IT manager Joey Cocoran. "You won't have to spell your name over the phone, you won't have to wait for a returned email, just enter your name and email address when prompted and let us know how we can help!"

POOL Instant Chat is available Monday-Friday from 8 am – 7 pm
(all weekend Instant Chat messages will go to email & answered Monday!)


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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series --[click here]

**EDITORS NOTE** The current Hitlist may still be in the process of being compiled so please check back if the one shown is not the most current.


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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

Everyone should know who The Beatles are...

  • Covers of Beatles Songs:
  • Working Titles of Beatles' Songs
    • "Hello Goodbye" - Hello Hello
    • "A Day In The Life" - In The Life Of
    • "Yesterday" - Scrambled Eggs
    • "It's Only Love" - That's A Nice Hat
    • "Think For Yourself" - Won't Be There With You
    • "Flying" - Aerial Tour Instrumental
    • "Eleanore Rigby" - Miss Daisy Hawkins
    • "Thank You Girl" - Thank You Little Girl
    • "Love You To" - Granny Smith
    • "I Saw Her Standing There" - Seventeen

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