POOL Video

POOL Video
It's time.

Once upon a time spinning music video was the sport of kings, or, at least, cost a king's ransom. The gear of yesteryear wasn't cheap: early adopters paid as much as $5k for a 500-lumen projector and a C-note for a video laser disc, circa 2000; not coincidentally the year we began offering budget-friendly DVD.

That was then.

Today the cost of video gear has fallen off a cliff, demand is soaring (hello: YouTube?), and the cutting-edge convenience and new-fashioned savings POOL Video provides is putting music video – and the extra earnings it brings – well within reach of Everyman.

These days your small change can make
for a big change in your spare change

POOL Video allows you to conveniently download just the genre you need, or to grab a well-chosen bundle of genres that will carry you through any gig (and open the door to new ones) – all at prices that won't give you retro-shock, all at the speed of the Internet.

Cue the highlight reel:

  • Genres include Top 40, Urban, Club (Electronic), Rock, Country and Latin

  • Exclusive Clean Edits & Intro Edits (the hottest new singles with extended intros and outros)

  • DRM-free MPEG4 encoded at H.264 (BlueRay, Hi-Def TV)

  • Single Genres, Bundled Genres and Deluxe packages available

  • All files tagged to include title, artist, BPM, label, genre, artwork and more

  • Includes download manager software app and one-on-one tech support

  • Monthly billing options available

POOL Video prices start for as little as $100.00 per genre (3 months of monthly service) and provide you with 40-45 videos per month. Best buy: We can deliver you 12 full months of music video service for as little as $300.00 per genre.

If you'd like to stretch your dollar even further we also offers a bundled multi-genre selection (Express Video) that brings you WEEKLY delivery of the newest top 40, urban, rock, country, dance, and Intro Edits (some 25 videos per week) for as little as $89.00 per month, billed monthly.

It's reader reward time: If you made it this far you deserve a SPECIAL OFFER...

* New to video? Kick your new year off with a 3-month trial of any monthly POOL Video selection for half-off -- just $50.00. New video subscribers only.

** Already a POOL Video subscriber? Give us a shout and we'll shoot you a new format to enjoy for a month, free of charge.

*** Already getting your video on DVD or DFF? If you've got at least three months left to your subscription, we'll add up to 3 months of POOL Video (for your remaining months) free. AND give you a rain check on signing up for 3 months of service later at 50% off!

POOL Video. Isn't it time you make more for less?

Offers Expires February 29th, 2012.



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Best of Love v9

New on DVD & DFF
Best of Love Songs 9

Best of Love Songs Volume 9 makes it easy to see why our Best of Loves Songs collection and the five-decades of dance-floor gold it offers continues to be our most popular series ever...

Tracklistings include: Already Gone, Kelly Clarkson; Halo, Beyonce; Foolish Heart, Steve Perry; Just The Way You Are (Amazing), Bruno Mars; I Do (Cherish You) 98 Degrees; Someone Like You, Adele; and more.

Best of Love Songs 9 is available on DVD and DFF (digital file format/MPEG4) data disc.

To order your copy today call 407-331-3600 or click customerservice@promoonly.com

Got requests? Your feedback on what video content you need for your venue/events is not only appreciated but very important to our programmers.
Please email us at Throwbacks@PromoOnly.com to request older material and at VideoRequests@PromoOnly.com for newer releases you feel are relevant.

For more information on our Hot Video Classics and Specialty dvds,
call 407-331-3600 or click here to email Customer Service today!


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Pioneer DDJ-ERGO

The Pioneer DDJ-ERGO Controller
Ergo + nomics = one comfy purchase

It's no big secret that we're big Pioneer fans here. It's also no secret that Pioneer quality and reliability can tip the scales when it comes to price point, which is why far too many DJs pass, often reluctantly, on becoming proud Pioneer owners.

That all may be changing with Pioneer's newest entry, the DDJ-ERGO Controller...

True to its name, the ERGO puts ergonomics at the forefront of its operation and design; much like Pioneer's S1 and T1 controllers, it doesn't stray far from the consumer-friendly design of the legendary CDJ. Unlike it's more costly Pioneer predecessors, the ERGO comes in at a price as comfy as its name implies, in a featherweight package you can tuck under one arm.

The Goods

  • The DDJ-ERGO comes packaged with Atomix Productions' Virtual DJ Limited Edition with a proprietary Pioneer GUI and a broad range of performance functions available straight from the controller.
  • Boasts a complete array of dedicated knobs and buttons for all your fave functions, including four-deck mixing, filters, sample decks and loop recording – without hitting the shift button.
  • MIDI output makes the DDJ-ERGO compatible with the bulk of other DJ software apps out there; Traktor users can apply the included TSI settings file to control their software of choice.
  • NEW! Pulse Control uses light to give a visual representation of pitch, beat, effects, and which decks are in use.  Built-in LEDs enhance your mixing precision and add a hi-tech bling best seen to be believed.

Will the DDJ-ERGO be the breakout mobile DJ controller of the year? We're comfortable saying yes.

MSRP $699.99. Street: $599.00

For more info visit http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/DJ/Controllers/DDJ-ERGO


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DJ Codes

DJ Codes
Guzzlin' 2012

Brooklyn NY-based beatmaker DJ Codes' (aka Cody Murray) blends here and there with just the right amount of now and then to create a signature blend of golden-era hip-hop and house that arrives without compromise and without peer.
Codes ArtworkTapping into his background as turntablist, producer, party starter, and music aficionado, Codes' breakout 2011 EP Codes House (an instant hit with DJs here, there and everywhere) has set the bar (and expectations) high.
His newest release, Codes' House Remix EP (Slow Roast Records), featuring the breakout party anthem Guzzlin' Champagne, does little to slow that momentum.

Upcoming projects?
"I have a new single coming out on Slow Roast with [dance-music heavyweight] Craze; we'll be shooting a video for that with Scion A/V & MotionGraff," says Codes. "And a new single coming out with Treasure Fingers that's still a little hush-hush."

That and a Slow Roast tour slated for a summer rollout should have Codes coming soon to a dance floor near you.
Crack the Codes at www.facebook.com/codeshouse and www.soundcloud.com/codeshouse


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What's Your DJ Business Worth?

What's Your DJ Business Worth?
ProMobileDJ.com's Stacy Zemon has the answers.

"DJs who one day hope to sell their business and retire have some preparation to do to make this a reality" says DJ Success Coach Stacy Zemon. "Above all else, there is one extremely important factor that must be in place." CLICK HERE for the full story by the "Money Answer Man," Jerry Bazata.

For ideas, information and advice from industry experts, visit ProMobileDJ.com every day to better your business and income!

CLICK HERE to join the Pro Mobile DJ Club. You'll get LOTS of valuable FREE RESOURCES to manage and grow your company!


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Slow Roast Records

What's cooking at Slow Roast Records? Plenty.

Served up by none other than the legendary DJ Craze and avant-garde producer extraordinaire Kill The Noise, Slow Roast Records is home to some of the greatest mixes you've never heard of. And should.

Distributed by A-Trak and Nick Catchdub's highly regarded Fool's Gold Records, replete with a host of influential names working behind the scenes, Slow Roast's wildly eclectic roster of releases is on the fast track to big buzz.

With radio play around the world on the rise, endorsements rolling in from some of dance music's most influential DJs (and, ahem, promotional services), and the support from club goers around the world reaching critical mass, 2012 is looking to be a breakout year for Slow Roast.

Be the first DJ on your block to carve up a slice by clicking here: http://slowroastrecs.com/


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Tip of the Month

This month's tip comes directly from our Facebook page, and goes a little something like this...

iTunes driving me nuts. I like to keep my POOL downloads in the folders like "mainstream radio", but itunes keeps splitting them into artist specific folders!

Easy fix. Select all the tracks you want to go into your Mainstream Radio folder (which should be under "Compilations"). NOTE: You MUST have more than one file selected.

Go to "File" and select "Get Info". Click on the "Options" tab. Select "YES" under "Part Of Compilation". That should automatically put them in a folder in your compilations.

Make SURE the album name is the same for all of them. If there is nothing in the space, add whatever name you want to call the album. We suggest doing this across the board, for example: "Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2012 01". This will allow your albums to be in chronological order as opposed to alphabetical, e.g. January being below December, February, etc.

Have you renewed today?
407-331-6400 (fax)


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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series --[click here]

**EDITORS NOTE** The current Hitlist may still be in the process of being compiled so please check back if the one shown is not the most current.


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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

Toilet Facts

  • A Ping-Pong ball is the most impossible item to flush.
  • The first Hollywood film that showed a toilet flushing was Psycho - It generated many complaints
  • The first toilet air freshener was a pomegranate stuff with cloves
  • Separate toilets is a modern invention, Romans sat down together in large groups
  • In Victorian times, toilet seats were made of wood. The upper-class sat on mahogany or walnut, while the poor sat on white pine. Ouch.
  • In 1993, Juan Bernaus was sentenced to a 3 year jail term in Argentina for switching the Ladies and Gents signs on a public toilets.
  • An American jeweler has built the world's most expensive toilet, made of gold, diamonds, rubies and emeralds with a mink seat. It costs $175,000.

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