Promo Only unleashes POOL
(Promo Only OnLine)
digital delivery service.....

It's official: We've taken Promo Only online. What's that mean to you? Absolutely nothing if you'd like to continue to receive your CDs and DVDs; they're not going anywhere. If, however, you've been thirsty for a service that can provide you with daily, weekly and monthly access to promotional releases, we invite you to jump into POOL – and to a whole new way to enjoy music and music video today.

"There's nothing like it in the industry," says Promo Only executive programmer director Pete Werner. "We've taken our years of experience in providing secure, high-quality digital distribution to the radio industry to develop a unique business model that allows us to offer our subscribers unprecedented access to content at unheard of prices."

 POOL selections include:

  • POOL Plus provides daily and weekly delivery of the newest top 40, hip-hop, rhythm, rock, country, Christian, dance, and Latin plus our exclusive Intro Edits (the hottest new singles with extended intros and outros) via DRM-free MP3 or M4A; monthly billing available at $39.99 per month

  • POOL Deluxe offers all the benefits of POOL Plus plus the extended dance mixes and limited-edition releases found on our extensive Club formats to give you access to ALL our audio formats; monthly billing available at $49.99 per month

  • POOL plus Video provides all the advantages of POOL Plus or Deluxe and an additional 45 music videos, delivered monthly, via MPEG4/H.264 for an additional $20.00 per month. Available video formats include Hot Video (top40), Urban Video (hip-hop), Club Video (electronic dance), Latin Video, Country Video, Dance Mix Video and Modern Rock Video.

  • POOL top 40, Urban, Country, Dance, Rock, & Christian allow you to create your own combo of monthly selections or to roll your current monthly selections over today and save: Order one genre and you'll enjoy a full year of monthly digital delivery for just $143.88 and any additional monthly selection for only $95.88 per year ($11.99 per month and $7.99 a month, respectively).

Other highlights include:         

  • Broadcast quality files for hi-def radio, compatible with all studio systems and pro-DJ software
  • Built-in electronic press kit includes title, artist, label, bios, artist image, with updates that include impact dates and promotional information
  • Secure digital delivery of with user ID digitally watermarked into every file (so THINK before you fileshare!)
  • Convenient monthly billing options with no long-term commitment
For more information regarding POOL's full range of audio and video services, click here [home page link] or contact Promo Only by phone at 407-331-3600 or by email us at customerservice@promoonly.com.

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Promo Only Remixes v2

New On DVD & DFF - PO Remixes Vol 2

Timeless and cutting-edge, familiar and surprising, Promo Only (Remixes)* V2 gives a decades-deep collection of dance floor favorites a new spin -- and you a unique edge and more;

Tracklistings include: "Rock Your Body" (Paul Oakenfold Remix), Justin Timberlake; "Hella Good" (Roger's Release Yourself Edit), No Doubt; "Planet Rock" (Swordfish Radio Edit), Afrika Bambaataa And The Soul Sonic Force; "Don't Stop The Music" (Jody Den Broeder Big Room Edit), Rihanna; "Bad Romance" (Dave Aude Radio Edit), Lady GaGa and more!

Promo Only Exclusive Video Remixes Vol 2 is available on DVD and DFF (digital file format/MPEG4) data disc.

To order your copy today call 407-331-3600 or click customerservice@promoonly.com

Got requests? Your feedback on what video content you need for your venue/events is not only appreciated but very important to our programmers. Please email us at Throwbacks@PromoOnly.com to request older material and at VideoRequests@PromoOnly.com for newer releases you feel are relevant.

For more information on our Hot Video Classics and Specialty dvds,
call 407-331-3600 or click here to email Customer Service today!

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Great social marketing means social listening

In case you missed it, Turntable.fm is a new social media website that allows users to interactively share music. TT, as it's called, allows users to create virtual rooms, which other users can join. Designated users, so-called "DJs," choose songs to be played to everyone in the room (the audience), while all users are able to talk with one other and rate the performance through a text interface. Launched in May 2011, by late June TT had already scored 140,000 active users.

Now that Turntable.fm has taken off, confirming our initial positive take, it's also giving folks a chance to start testing new interactive approaches to self-promotion.

One DJ who has risen to the top of the Turntable.fm charts (racking up a record 9000 points and 1000 fans), DJ Wooooo, recently shared his take on how to rock the Turntable.fm approval meter with our friends at Betabeat.com…

DJ Wooooo's simple rules for success…

  1. Sticking to genre is key
  2. The crowd is very fickle
  3. They want new and different, but not TOO different
  4. Mood in the room can shift quickly
  5. So don't "set and forget" your DJ queue
  6. People want to be in the most packed room
  7. So try and be famous, like DJ Woooooo

Says Woooo; "As far as my song selection goes, it's a delicate mix of popular songs and experimental tracks." Adding: ""If you're just yanking songs from Hype Machine without figuring out how they fit the vibe, you will get called out. Just because some website says they like a song doesn't mean the Turntable crowd will."

Today Turntable.fm is about potential. Whether that potential will be tapped, whether TT will launch a DJ career a la YouTube/Justin Bieber remains to be seen. You could tune in tomorrow or you could be that next overnight sensation by checking out Turntable.fm today.

It starts here: turntable.fm/lobby

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Dj Teen Wolf

In the Spotlight: DJ Teen Wolf
Taking a bite out of big beats...

We can thank Kanye West for turning us on to DJ Teenwolf (aka Kevin Ross). So innovative and edgy was T-wolf as producer/DJ for hip-hop act Ninjasonik that Kanye blew up their 2009 "Daylight (Remix)" video on his personal blog with mad praise. Less than a year later the follow-up video, "Bars" went viral and so did Teenwolf's rep as a remixer.

"No boundaries," says Teenwolf of the free-ranging pursuit of new frontiers that has since resulted in remixes for a diverse roster of artists that includes Gucci Mane ("I'm Expectin"), UK superstars Florence and The Machine ("Rabbit Heart"), Baltimore rapper Rye Rye, and indie starlet MNDR.     

His alchemic blend of hip-hop beats and indie spirit has more recently seen the industrious New York based DJ's blend of funk, soul, house, indie rock, electro, salsa, Baltimore Club, moombahton and dubstep sharing the bill with artists Matt & Kim, Clipse, Japanther, The Death Set, Major Lazer and Spank Rock at venues ranging from intimate punk rock clubs to concert halls.

What's new on the horizon? A new mash-up album, Matt & Kim & T.I. that DJ Teenwolf has kindly provided a free link to, in its entirety; and a new pop-oriented solo-project targeted at taking the T to the mainstream.

You can sink your teeth into some DJ Teenwolf here…

From the "Matt & Kim & T.I." mashup album http://soundcloud.com/djteenwolf/matt-kim-t-i-block-after-block.  Full Mashup album http://bit.ly/pHCM8t

Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love (DJ Teenwolf Edit) http://soundcloud.com/djteenwolf/you-got-the-love-dj-teenwolf

Devendra Banhart - Lover (DJ Teenwolf Edit) http://soundcloud.com/djteenwolf/devendra-banhart-lover-re-edit

For more info and sounds from DJ Teenwolf visit www.djteenwolf.com

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Stacy Zemon - abcs of school gigs

Success Coach Stacy Zemon on the ABCs of Marketing to Schools…

During the month of August, teachers, administrators and advisers are filtering back into schools. In fact, in some parts of the country, school is already back in session.

"Now is the time to start your marketing campaign for the upcoming school year," says DJ Success Coach Stacy Zemon. "Want to know the first step in launching it and getting your materials into the right hands? CLICK HERE for the full story by school dance expert, Matt Ryan.

For ideas, information and advice from renowned DJ industry experts, visit ProMobileDJ.com every day to better your business and income!

CLICK HERE to join the Pro Mobile DJ Club. You'll get LOTS of valuable FREE RESOURCES to manage and grow your company!

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Tip of the Month!

Did you know that digital delivery is good for you? It's a fact that faster delivery and greater savings can produce significant health benefits, including reduced stress, a greater sense of well-being and even weight loss -- you'll be amazed at how many calories you can burn jumping up and down with glee every time we deliver the newest releases directly to your hard drive!

For more info on how you can create a brand new and improved digital you give us a call or email today!

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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series --[click here]

**EDITORS NOTE** The current Hitlist may still be in the process of being compiled so please check back if the one shown is not the most current.

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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

"Have you had your McAloo Tikki Break Today?" The sun never sets on the McDonald's empire. Because the behemoth has restaurants on every continent (except Antarctica) and in more than 100 countries, it needs to adapt to local tastes and customs. Whether it's called "McDo" "Mackdonkan" or "de Mac", you'll find some menu items that are reassuringly familiar -- and some, not so much!
McAloo Tikki (India):
This vegetarian sandwich consists of a breaded, fried patty of spiced potatoes and peas topped with fresh tomato, onion, and vegan tomato mayonnaise on a toasted bun.
Twisty Pasta (Hong Kong):
Tired of pancakes for breakfast? Try this meal-in-a-bowl that contains chicken broth, pasta, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, greens, ham (or breakfast sausage), and a fried egg.
Rice Fantastic (Hong Kong):
Sometimes you feel like a bun; sometimes you don't. This sandwich is made from from two flattened patties of sticky rice.
McOz (Australia):
This burger is made from Australian beef and "mouthwatering beetroot".
McShawarma (Israel):
In Israel, McDonald's offers kosher and nonkosher restaurants, but they all serve the McShawarma -- a sandwich of shaved lamb wrapped in fluffy flatbread.
Tamago Double Mac (Japan):
This burger starts with the classic two all-beef patties, throws on some fairly typical bacon, but then finishes it with hot pepper sauce and a poached egg. Cheese is optional.
Seasoned Fries (Japan):
McDonald's famous fries are shaken with powdered seasoning in a paper bag and are available in nori (seaweed), curry, BBQ, and Mexican flavors.
McKroket (The Netherlands):
This breaded, deep-fried patty of beef and potato topped with Dijon mustard sauce is the McDonald's version of the traditional Dutch croquette.
Samurai Pork Burger (Thailand):
Pork patty marinated with teriyaki sauce and topped with mayonnaise, lettuce, and a pickle.
Spam Musubi (Hawaii):
Fancy some Spam in the morning? This breakfast dish consists of a slice of fried Spam on top of sticky rice, tied with a strip of seaweed.
McPoutine (Canada):
Poutine - the combination of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds - is practically the official dish of Quebec.
McCalabresa (Brazil):
This sandwich is the McDonald's take on a traditional Brazilian sandwich, consisting of a slab of pepperonilike sausage covered in vinaigrette.
Chicken McCurry Pan (India):
This dish is made of spicy bread filled with tomato curry, chicken and peppers and topped with cheese.
McPalta (Chile):
This local favorite includes avocado paste smeared on pork or beef.
Greek Mac (Greece):
Two Big Mac patties, in a pitta with lettuce, special sauce and tzatziki.
McSpaghetti with McNuggets (Italy)

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