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The 2011 Conference Forecast: We're calling for a bi-coastal, business-boosting season

They are roughly 30 days and 3000 miles apart, but that's all that separates the golden opportunity this year's top conferences present for East Coast and West Coast DJs alike.

The ADJA Summer Show & Conference
Boost your spirit. Boost your business.
Las Vegas September 12th-14th

There's some bold stuff going down at this year's ADJA summit. For starters, in a groundbreaking move, show producer and ADJA president Hugo Drax is opening his 60+ vendor Exhibit Hall and nightly networking events to one and all for free.

"What we're saying to DJs is that there's no excuse not to come," says Drax. "The exhibit hall is free. Our nightly events are free. If someone's an ADJA member, they can get a full all-access pass for $49.00. If they're not an ADJA member, all they have to do is know one; we're allowing our members to buy up to 10 all-access tickets at member prices and to pass them on to employees, friends, spouses, and colleagues, because ultimately if a member thinks it would help a friend to be there, we want them there."

In another bold move, attendees are being offered not one but two simultaneous educational tracks, a fresh strategy sure to offer a more convenient learning experience for those looking to precisely hone their business and performance chops. Beatmixing, music selection, the newest games, MC skills, Mitzvahs, school events, weddings, marketing, finance, and growing your business are just a few of the topics to be addressed by this year's panel of new and familiar industry experts.

Add to that the discount the ADJA has secured for its members at Las Vegas' prestigious Hilton Hotel and the added savings attendees will receive at the Wedding MBA convention held later that same week and we'd have to agree: no excuse. 

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The International DJ Expo 2011
Atlantic City August 8th-11th

The International DJ Expo turns 21 this year and you can bet there are big birthday plans afoot to mark the occasion. Central to the celebration is the Promo Only Showcase and the exclusive show specials you'll find waiting at the Promo Only booth. Also on tap from PO this year: A special announcement, a secret suite and news that's bound to have you diving into some exciting new products with both feet.

What to look for in AC:  Over 25 seminars & hands-on technology workshops presented by DJ Times' hand-picked industry creatives, DJs, remixers & producers; over 100 booths from the world's leading manufacturers featuring the very latest cutting-edge audio, lighting, studio, and specialty products; nighttime parties and sponsored events from Promo Only, Denon, Chauvet and others; special discounts on gear, accessories & supplies you won't find anywhere else; and, of course, the Promo Only Showcase – a celebration of the special relationship between artists, DJs and the gear that makes it all possible.

Past showcases have seen jaw-dropping DJ performances and special appearances from Akon, Pitbull, Iyaz, Jason Derulo, Cyndi Lauper, and Lady Gaga, to name a few.

Who will be joining us this year? Find out firsthand by joining this year's celebrity hosts Kimberly Locke and Blake Lewis (of American Idol), and our soon-to-be-announced special guest DJs and artists Tuesday, August 9th 2010 at the prestigious Showboat Theatre/House of Blues. Doors open at 8:30pm. Performances run from 9pm - 2am.

customer envelope Simply show your Promo Only mailer/envelope with your name on the label at the door and admission for you and one guest is FREE. (still valid?)

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For up-to-the-minute updates on our Showcase artist line-up visit Promo Only Inc. on Facebook.

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Promo Only 2009 v2

New On DVD & DFF - 2009 Volume 2

Tracklistings include: "LoveGame", Lady GaGa; "Dead And Gone", T.I. f/Justin Timberlake; "Whatcha Say", Jason Derulo; "Birthday Sex", Jeremih; "3", Britney Spears; "Obsessed", Mariah Carey; "I Gotta A Feeling", Black Eyed Peas; and more; and more!

2009 Vol 2 is available on DVD and DFF (digital file format/MPEG4) data disc.

To order your copy today call 407-331-3600 or click

Got requests? Your feedback on what video content you need for your venue/events is not only appreciated but very important to our programmers. Please email us at to request older material and at for newer releases you feel are relevant.

For more information on our Hot Video Classics and Specialty dvds, call 407-331-3600 or click here to email Customer Service today!

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Virtual DJ

VirtualDJ Pro 7...
True ease of performance

Billing yourself as the easiest and most powerful VJ software on the market might seem like bragging -- if it weren't true...

How easy is VirtualDJ Pro 7to learn and operate? Equipped with a revolutionary interface engine, the look and feel of VirtualDJ adapts itself to YOUR level: Start with an easy-to-use skin (a custom graphical interface) to learn with, then choose from the dozens of skins and add-ons available, from the simplest to the most complex, as your skills progress.

How powerful? VirtualDJ offers a synchronized sampler for intuitive live remixes; truly fluid music video scratching (at any tempo); easily handles the largest of music libraries; and is compatible with ANY video file: DVD, DivX, XviD, MPEG1/2/4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and VOB. VirtualDJ also offers dozen of video transitions and effects specifically designed for VJ use (eliminating the need for a digital video mixer); and, for those who still prefer hardware in hand, interfaces easily with a variety of external MIDI controllers, giving you the best of both worlds -- the look and feel of conventional DJing and the ease of digital performance.

How much: At $299.00 (via download), there's nothing expensive about VirtualDJ; add a MIDI controller (and you'll find several to choose from on VirtualDJ's website), and you'll still come in at or around $1k; add the personal assistance you'll find from Virtual DJ's unparalleled tech support team, and we think you'll find an investment in VirtualDJ ALL upside. For more info visit

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Roonie G

In the Spotlight: DJ Roonie G
Living the DJ dream to the extreme...

What do you do after you've played all the top clubs and took home all the big awards? If you're superstar DJ Roonie G you take your passion for entertainment and build your very own dream nightclub; if you're DJ Roonie G you call on the top names in the industry -- names like Denon, Chauvet and Promo Only -- to provide the gear, lighting and music a truly top-shelf club requires; and if you're DJ Roonie G you make sure you have one of best DJs in the business there to bring it all together, namely DJ Roonie G.

"You can see it as soon as you walk through the doors," says Roonie. "From my staff to the music to the design, and I designed every square inch of it myself, the name says it all: Mix Ultra Lounge."

Mix brings the vibe of major metro club to Roonie's hometown of Columbus Georgia, without compromise. Sporting a full array of Chauvet Intimadator 250s, strobes, lasers, and LED bars, and powered by the unsurpassed quality of Denon gear and (blush) our own high-quality music video, Mix Ultra Lounge is every DJs dream: the ultimate personal expression of our craft.

"Only the best will do, for me and for my club," says Roonie.

To hear more about Mix Ultra Lounge visit

To check out the latest hot mixes from DJ Roonie G visit

And be sure to join us in voting Roonie G America's Best DJ 2011 by visiting

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Stacy Zemon - less is more

Sometimes less IS more…
Stacy Zemon crunches the numbers…

What DJ wouldn't want to make the same amount of income for doing fewer events or simply make more money? Success coach Stacy Zemon is here this month to give you the breakdown as a solo-op or multi-op on how to make the numbers work for you.

"Say you want to gross $100,000 annually," says Zemon. "You would need to charge more than the average rate, become a multi-op, become a multi-op who charges more than the average rate, or incorporate upsells into your offerings..."

CLICK HERE for the full story on 

For ideas, information and advice from renowned DJ industry experts, visit every day to better your business and income!

And join the Pro Mobile DJ Club. It's FREE and you'll get tons of valuable resources for your mobile entertainment company! Just sign-up on the PMDJ home page.

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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series --[click here]

**EDITORS NOTE** The current Hitlist may still be in the process of being compiled so please check back if the one shown is not the most current.

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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

"Freaky Facts ~~ Taste Buds"

Babies are born with taste buds on the insides of their cheeks and overall have more taste buds than adults, but they lose them as they grow older.
Adults have, on average, around 10,000 taste buds, although an elderly person might have only 5,000.
One in four people is a "supertaster" and has more taste buds than the average person-- more than 1,000 per square centimeter.
Twenty-five percent of humans are "nontasters" and have fewer taste buds than other people their age-- only about 40 per square centimeter.
Tastebud Sizes...
A tastebud is 30 to 60 microns (slightly more than 1/1000 of an inch) in diameter.
Not just for tongues...
Taste buds are not just for tongues--- they also cover the back of the throat and the roof of the mouth.
Cats' taste buds cannot detect sweetness.
The "suction cups" on an octopus' tentacles are covered in taste buds.
A butterfly's taste buds are on its feet and tongue.
Hairy Tastebuds...
Attached to each taste bud are microscopic hairs called microvilli.
Taste buds are regrown every two weeks.
Something Smells...
About 75 percent of what we think we taste is actually coming from our sense of smell.
The Fifth Sense...
Along with sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, there is a fifth taste, called umami, which describes the savory taste of foods such as meat, cheese, and soy sauce.

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