Trade Shows

Why go to trade shows?
Let us count the way$.

Successful businessmen have been doing it for years. And now you can rack up tax deductible vacations, have a little fun, save some serious cash and bring home the info you’ll need to score even more, too.

We’re talking must-go trade shows. And the difference they can make to you and your bottom line.

The Mobile Beat Las Vegas Show

Mobile Beat Las Vegas is a four-day event that includes seminars from top-flight DJs, MCs and industry gurus, equipment advice, celebrity appearances, tips and tricks, live demos, special discounts from on-site vendors (including yours truly) and much more.

Why go? Make a run for MBLV and you’ll bring home the cutting-edge business and performance tools you need to build a better career.

Online registration for Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2012 is open. For more info or to lock in some serious pre-event discount tickets visit

American Disc Jockey Association National Conference & DJ Show
(Las Vegas)

This year’s ADJA Conference will offer two simultaneous tracks designed to boost your performance and business skills. Scheduled seminars include beatmixing, music selection, marketing, sales, games, finance, growing your business, Mitzvahs, school events, microphone skills, MC skills, weddings and more.

Why go? With over 18 seminars to choose from, including up-to-the-minute tips and trends from five brand new presenters, you’ll find attending the ADJA conference your best avenue to the continuing education necessary to keep your business moving steadily forward.

If you’re ready to cash in on the many advantages the ADJA has to offer, visit

To find out more about Promo Only sponsorship of your local ADJA chapter meetings, email

The Roller Skating Association International Convention & Trade Show (Orlando FL)

The concentrated learning experience the RSA Convention and Trade Show provides makes for an unequaled opportunity for those in the skating industry to bone up on the latest business-enhancing tips and trends. With educational seminars and roundtables featuring industry leaders and experts, the RSA Convention is the ultimate in focused learning and networking.

Why go? Attending the RSA Trade Show provides a one-stop opportunity to take in all the newest products geared specifically for the roller skating industry.

For more info on the upcoming Orlando RSA 2011 show visit


The DJ Times International DJ Expo 2011 in Atlantic City

Slated for August 8-11 Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal, this year’s DJ Times Expo promises to present three tracks of in-depth educational seminars geared for professional jocks and up-and-coming DJs alike; the "Mobile Operator," "DJ Culture & Music," and "Gear & Tech" sessions will feature illuminating ideas for knowledge-hungry DJs of all stripes. In addition to the 25-plus sessions scheduled, DJ Expo will roll out its usual humongous exhibit hall and nightly bashes.

Why go? Why not? With 100 booths of cutting-edge tech, exclusive Expo steals and deals, unforgettable nightly showcases that include the legendary Pioneer/Promo Only Artist Showcase at AC’s Hard Rock Cafe, exclusive giveaways galore and the chance to write it all off your taxes, duh winning!

Ready to roll the dice in Atlantic City this year? Visit

Trade shows. Successful businessmen having been doing it for years. Successful businessmen like you…

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Promo Only 2007 v2

New On DVD & DFF - 2007 Volume 2

Tracklistings include: "Sweet Escape," Gwen Stefani; "Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)," T-Pain f. Yung Jock; "Say It Right," Nelly Furtado; "Give It To Me," Timbaland f. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake; "Home," Daughtry; "Pop, Lock & Drop It," Huey; and more!

2007 Vol 2 is available on DVD and DFF (digital file format/MPEG4) data disc.

To order your copy today call 407-331-3600 or click

Got requests? Your feedback on what video content you need for your venue/events is not only appreciated but very important to our programmers. Please email us at to request older material and at for newer releases you feel are relevant.

For more information on our Hot Video Classics and Specialty dvds, call 407-331-3600 or click here to email Customer Service today!

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Rane SL4

The Rane SL4 Next Generation Digital Vinyl System

Engineered to be the ultimate high-end stand-alone DJ interface, the SL4 DVS makes its bow this month as the first external audio interface to offer two high-speed USB 2.0 ports, envelope-pushing 96 kHz sample rate & 24-bit digital audio processing and galvanic isolation, ensuring that only the purest interference-free audio signal is produced.

Other standout features include…
*The SL4 has inputs for four turntables or CD decks, switchable in any combination. There is also an Aux input for session recording or LiveFeed.
*Two USB 2.0 ports allow two computers to be connected to the SL4 at the same time, allowing for seamless DJ changeover or tag-team DJing.

*The SL4 also doubles as a 10-in / 10-out soundcard that can be used with any software supporting ASIO or Core Audio. Teamed with the low-latency Core / ASIO drivers, the SL4 can be used as a studio production tool with a variety of third-party software applications.

The SL4 plays well with Mac or PC computers and comes with soft carry-case, a copy of Serato’s flagship Scratch Live, 4 control CDs, 4 time-coded vinyls plus all necessary power and audio cables to kick start your DJ set immediately.

Price at or around $899.00, the Rane SL4 is sold only as part of a complete Serato Scratch Live DVS package.

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Go Go Bizzkitt

In the Spotlight: Go Go Bizkitt!

His style is as unique as his name (the origin of which Brit DJ, Tom "Go Go Bizkitt!" Nelson, refuses to divulge) – a blend of French House, Filter House, French Touch & Disco Funk that slays dance floors and begs a listen, if you’ve yet to check it out.

Listen as you read by clicking here.

Hailing from a small village near Edinburgh, Scotland, Nelson’s passion for tracks like "Hi-Fidelity" by Daft Punk & "G.M.F" by Deelat soon brought him to Somerset England, "a really laid back place where the weather is a lot better than home and everyone has a 'Lord of The Rings' accent," says Nelson.

Like most of Southern England, the music scene in Somerset centers around Dubstep/Fidget & Thrash Electro, "But I'm trying to help bring something different to the night, just as long as everyone is having fun," Nelson adds.

That something different is what sets Go Go Bizkitt!’s sound apart. And why we are happy to pass the word on: this is worth checking out…

Where can you hear more Go Go Bizkitt!? Reach for your copy of September and October 2010 Underground Club and catch the back-to-back release of "Stutterfunk" and "Pheeva".

And visit the Go Go Bizkitt! Facebook page to keep up to date with what's happening in his world.

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I mix Pro puts the world’s biggest DJ stream in the palm of your hand

The international DJ community has a new best friend in OneClickMedia’s Pro --I Want A DJ Now. Pro distills 65 genres and 24 pre-populated "moods" gathered from pro DJs all over the world into one mighty handy app, giving you one-click access to over 25,000 mixes in categories such as House Party, Chillout Party, Disco Gold Party, Minimal Party, Electro Party, Reggae Party, Trance Party and more.

Features include but are not limited to:

• New DJ mixes added daily by a worldwide DJ network of over 100,000 DJs
• Search (by entering keywords) to locate specific tracks, producers and DJs

• Create playlists and "Add to Favorites" to bookmark your favorite DJ mixes

• Easily browse each DJ mix playlist, track by track while listening, then buy your favorite tracks in the iTunes Store

• Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to any WiFi on Earth and instantly share your favorite tracks
• Add your own DJ mixes to this app for FREE by going to Pro – I Want A DJ Now! is available for download today at the Apple Store for $4.99.

Disclaimers and other legal yada-yada: This service is NOT authorized for professional use or use in public spaces. OneClickMedia suggests using this application with a WiFi connection. If you choose to use it via your mobile data plan, please check your contract carefully with your service provider to avoid unexpected bandwidth charges.

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face the dj game

DJ Success Coach Stacy Zemon says:
Check out this new Internet TV Game Show for DJs!

"On each episode of Face The DJ, three DJ contestants compete with each other answering Music, Gear and Industry-Related questions. The person who scores the most points at the end of the game wins a great prize package."

WHO WANTS FREE DJ GEAR? Everyone! To qualify to be a contestant, become a FB fan of Pro Mobile by clicking the LIKE button. Next, leave your name in the comment box when each new show is announced.

Watch the latest episode of Face The DJ to see if you know the answers! The show is hosted by Scott "DJ Bo" Woloszyn and Produced by Stacy Zemon.

For ideas, information and advice from renowned DJ industry experts, visit – Portal to the Disc Jockey Business – every day to better your business and income!

CLICK HERE to join the Pro Mobile DJ Club. You'll get LOTS of valuable FREE RESOURCES to manage and grow your company!

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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series --[click here]

**EDITORS NOTE** The current Hitlist may still be in the process of being compiled so please check back if the one shown is not the most current.

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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

"Strange Themed Restaurants"

"Banana Restaurant, Taiwan" Oh, if only it was actually a banana-themed restaurant.. Nope, this Taiwanese restaurant has a condom theme that just cloaks the concept with a euphemism. Condom-inspired art decorates the place, the dishes are visually suggestive and named with sexual innuendos, and every guest receives a free condom with their meal. The proprietors say the restaurant is condom-themed to promote safe sex and AIDS awareness.
"Medieval Times" One of the most famous theme restaurants is also one of the strangest. Started in Spain in 1973, the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a nationwide chain in the United States. Diners enter a huge arena, receive paper crowns, and eat stew and bread with their bare hands while armored knights joust each other on horseback. Fair maidens are saved and villians are vanquished---all in a suburb near you!
"Modern Toliet Restaurant, Taiwan" Matong means "toliet" in Chinese, and toliets are what you get at this restaurant, which opened in 2004. Patrons sit on converted toliet seats and dine from toliet-shaped bowls. Neon-lit faucets and urinals line the walls, and favorite dishes include chunky soups and soft-serve chocolate ice cream. We don't need to point out why those items are on the menu, do we??
"O. Noir, Montreal, Quebec, Canada" Don't bother getting dressed up for dinner at O. Noir-- no one will be able to see your outfit. Everything happens in the dark at this restaurant. Customers eat, converse, and order in pitch darkness. We're not sure how it all works in the kitchen, but the owners say that diners have a heightened sense of the food's flavors because one of their five senses is taken away. Five percent of the restaurant's profits are donated to local organizations that server the blind and visually impaired.
"Fortezza Medicea, Italy" For some, getting into this restaurant is easier than getting out. Located inside a maximum-security prison outside of Pisa, Fortezza Medicea is a restaurant staffed by criminals. Murderers, thieves, and various other convicts pour wine and serve tasty Italian dishes to diners who line up for a seat at the simple wooden tables. But be prepared to eat with plastic forks and knives, the real stuff is contraband. Oh, and BTW, you'll also have to have a background check and receive a security clearance from Italy's Dept. of Justice. (PHOTO: Santolo Matrone is serving 24 years for murder, and wine to customers)
"X-Rated Sushi" It's nothing new in Japan, but in the past few years, the time-honored tradition of eating sushi off a naked woman is gaining ground in the USA. Known as nyotaimori or "body sushi", restaurants that offer this dining experience are usually just regular sushi joints hoping to bring in new customers for a meal and an eyeful. The woman who participate aren't totally naked: They commonly wear plastic wrap and enough lingerie to cover their private parts. Sushi is placed on their abdomen only and patrons use chopsticks to select their food. It comes as no surprise that a lot of women's rights groups are enraged by the idea, but eating raw fish off a warm body doesn't digust enough people to keep them from doing it.

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