Remix Galaxy Remix Galaxy
Boldly go from zero to remix hero in minutes

Learning to remix just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Remix Galaxy, a new online community that enables anyone to create, mix and share music online – regardless of experience and without the necessity of a DAW (digital audio workstation).  
The brainchild of former corporate lawyer/commodities trader Kyle Reed, Remix Galaxy was born of Reed's frustration with the time-consuming and costly pursuit of the music and gear needed to fuel his passion for production.
"When I started remixing, there was nothing easy or cheap about it," Reed recalls of his days as a budding DJ and synthesizer collector. "I always had a hard time finding remixable music. That's what Galaxy is all about – making remixing and production accessible to everyone."

High-quality audio files with perfect separation

Unique in concept and execution, Remix Galaxy offers users a sweeping collection of fully licensed multi-track WAV files, created from the original master recordings that allow even the novice to quickly get about the business of remixing.
Multi-tracks are available in two packages: The Basic Pack, which includes two files, vocals and instrumental, and The Expanded Pack, which offers anywhere from five to eight stems (individual tracks), that cover the vocals, drums, bass, and other major elements of each song.

"Users can download either pack for use in other software programs or simply mix the stems online via our online mixing application," Reed explains. 

mixStudio – super fast, super easy

Remix Galaxy will have you remixing in no time, even if you don't have experience with advanced platforms like ACID or Pro Tools.

 "We provide free tools that lets users quickly and easily start remixing the songs they buy, whether it's making simple changes to an MP3 or doing an extensive remix with multi-track files," says Reed.

Remix Galaxy's mixStudio application is fast, especially for a browser-based product.
"All of the processing is done on the client side, so users only wait for the initial loading of the sound files," Reed continues. "The rest of mixStudio works in real-time; but as with most advanced software these days, the faster your CPU and the more RAM you have, the better."

Free Samples & Effects

MixStudio also offers a library of drum loops, sound effects and other audio clips. In addition, you can easily upload you own loops and clips, a nice feature that makes for endless mixing possibilities. 

MixStudio also throws in a fistful of audio effects similar to a variety of well-known plug-ins used in costly pro applications, such as a stereo delay, a flanger/chorus module, stereo phasing, distortion, a bit crusher, a ring modulator and more.

Community Forums

"We've designed our site to give non-professionals, pro DJs and musicians alike a place to interact and engage," Reed says. "It starts with a user's profile, which includes all of the remixes or original songs that the user has created. All users can listen to these songs, rate them, review them, and add them to their playlists. So the community is a great avenue to get feedback on your work."

Users can also contact other members and connect through the site's internal messaging system, as well as take advantage of the expert help available on the Remix Galaxy Forum. Moderated by Reed himself, the RG forum covers a variety of topics; help for everything from DJing to remixing to hardware to software is just a post away.

Artist Di$tribution

 Not only does Remix Galaxy give you access to a catalog of music but if you have your own song, Galaxy allow you to become a seller; and, as Reed sums it up, "monetize your passion."

Our take…

With prices for basic stem packs starting for less than the price of a Big Mac and expanded packs topping out at $6.99, it's easy to see the big bang Remix Galaxy provides.  Throw in the expert guidance you'll receive, the great remixes you'll make and share, and the ability to shop your music to every corner of the Internet and we think Remix Galaxy offers a stellar deal.

Take the Remix Galaxy TOUR today by visiting

DISCLAIMER: Stem packs are licensed, like our product, for personal use and professional play. The reselling of remixes is prohibited by law.

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Best 2004 v2 Music Videos Best of 2004 Music Videos Volume 2
brings you 39 more of the top hits of 2004 – all on one DVD.

Tracklistings include: Here Without You, 3 Doors Down; All Nite (Don't Stop), Janet Jackson; Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney; Lose My Breath, Destiny's Child; Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy), Big & Rich; She Will Be Loved, Maroon 5; and many more....

For complete tracklistings, click here.
NOTE: Available as DVD and DFF (drag & drop MPEG4!)

Best Country Music Videos Vol 6 Best of Country Music Videos Volume 6
The perfect addition to any subscription that doesn't include Country, this new collection offers a fresh crop of classics perfect for any occasion.

Tracklistings include: Settlin', Sugarland; The River, Garth Brooks; Oh, Lonesome Me, The Kentucky Headhunters; My Next Broken Heart, Brooks & Dunn; A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action, Toby Keith; Love Don't Live Here, Lady Antebellum; and more...
For complete tracklistings, click here.
NOTE: Available as DVD and DFF (drag & drop MPEG4!)
For more information on our Hot Video Classics and Specialty dvds, call 407-331-3600
or click here to email Customer Service today!

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Pioneer DJM 2000 Mixer The Pioneer DJM-2000
Don't... Please Touch!

Hands down, the new DJM-2000 is Pioneer's most powerful performance mixer yet. Engineered to dovetail with its CDJ-2000 digital decks, Pioneer has packed this baby with some seriously sexy features that include a groundbreaking 5.8-inch LCD multi-touch panel display, a first for any DJ mixer.
Other features include Beat Effects, Instrument FX, serious connectivity, a live sampler, USB audio interface, 3-band EQ, digital audio-in and three different mixing modes.


  • The Layout – The DJM-2000 sports a big footprint, in part to accommodate a robust spread of features as well as to match the appearance of the Pioneer CDJ players. The top center section sports FX aplenty; the middle section boasts audio-mixing controls capable of handling up to four digital or USB sources; and the bottom, well, that's the game-changer...
  • Multi-Touch Panel – A first in the industry for audio mixers, the DJM-2000 incorporates a full-color 5.8-inch LCD multi-touch panel for adding audio effects. Users can simultaneously manipulate the displayed controls on the panel by touching different areas of the screen. Three different performance modes are available...
    • Frequency mix – Enables more precise mixing within seven frequency ranges. For example, users can utilize select notch filters while mixing.
    • Sidechain remix – DJs can create seven different dynamic audio effects with touches and movements on the screen.
    • MIDI mode – Allows the user to assign various controls displayed on the LCD screen to control DJ software via MIDI. Four types of MIDI modes are available for more performance flexibility.

Additional features of the DJM-2000 include:

  • Switching 3-Band EQ/Isolator – Equipped with a switching 3-band EQ (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band Isolator (+6dB to -26dB) on each channel
  • Digital In – Permits audio signal of each channel with no deterioration in sound quality
  • Fader Start Play – Connection with CDJ player(s) with PRO DJ LINK or control cable allows the mixer to start the turntable by switching faders
  • Talk Over – Lowers the volume of the music when a connected microphone is used
  • Peak Level Meter – Displays input levels at a glance
  • Cross fader Assign function – Allows the flexible assignment of the input on each channel to the cross fader
  • Fader Curve Adjust function – Allows changes to cross fader and channel fader curves
The DJM-2000 is expected to be available in June 2010 with a suggested retail price of $2,999.

For more info click here!

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DFF - Urban Video and Club Video

Coming July 2010:
Urban Video and Club Video go DFF*!

We've got some G R E A T news for those of you digital DJs who are tired of endless hours of extracting and tagging video files.

Club Video and Urban Video are set to launch as MPEG4 drag-and-drop discs!

Look for both titles to join our Express Video DFF and Hot Video DFF line-up in July 2010.

For details on how you can add Club Video DFF and/or Urban Video DFF to your subscription or for info on how you can roll your existing Club Video or Urban Video subscription over to DFF call or click...

Please note that Club Video and Urban Video will STILL be available as standard DVDs, too!

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Artists to Watch…
Dependable DJ Dan always delivers -- A look at the A-list's go-to remixer
Dj Dan

It should come as no big d'oh that beat-future acts like New Order, Depeche Mode, Yoko Ono, A Tribe Called Quest and Groove Armada have long reached out to DJ Dan to re-interpret their music, given his seminal role in the development of rhythmic West Coast House...

What may surprise you is that Dan (aka Daniel Wherrett), after some decades of cementing his reputation as a premier performer and remixer, is only now hitting the mainstream as the go-to remixer for Lady Ga-Ga, P Diddy, Black Eyed Peas, Janet Jackson and other A-list artists.

Born and raised on the West Coast, Dan molded himself after Chicago house luminaries DJ Pierre, Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy, honing his skills at clubs in Seattle, LA, and San Francisco where his flair for fused rhythms and innovative performance signaled the beginning of the West Coast's fabled breakbeat scene.

This summer has DJ Dan set to drop his very first artist album, DJ Dan Presents Future Retro, a project designed to celebrate his 20th year at the forefront of funky house. Offering a musical journey that spans the past, present and future of electronic music, Dan has set himself to the task of re-souling the works of past greats such as Mr. Fingers, Phuture, Frankie Knuckles and Midnight Star, with a little help from friends such as fellow Seattleite and American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis.

You can check out Operator, DJ Dan's futuristic take on the Midnight Starr classic by visiting or on our April issue of Dance Radio…

To receive a FREE download of Dan's newest release, "Operator", click one of the links below:

Radio Edit:
Original Album Mix:
VIDEO Download:

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iSwitch DMX
Lights, Cameras, Action (There's an app for that... )
Life just got better for those of us who like our remote control devices: iSwitch DMX, a handy new app from software developer Michael Zinman, puts the digital equivalent of The Clapper in your pocket, allowing lighting technicians, programmers and DJs to control lighting, fog machines and other DMX-driven effects from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Forget about costly splitters and messy hook-ups and cables, iSwitch features an easy to use binary DIP utility (basically a series of digital on/off switches) that allow for no muss, no fuss, no time-devouring set up and control of multiple effects, on the fly.

Just select the DMX address and you’re good to go.

Cost of The Clapper? $24.67

Cost of iSwitch DMX? $4.99.

Controlling your lighting and effects from your iPhone? PRICELESS.

You’ll find the iSwitch available for download from the Apple Store by clicking here.

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Please Give to the Red Cross

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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series -- [click here]

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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

Internationally Speaking...

  • The first European countries to have McDonald's: Germany (1971), Holland (1972), Sweden (1973), UK (1974), Switzerland (1975), Ireland (1977), Austria (1977), Belgium (1978), France (1979), Spain (1981),

  • Some Things invented by Americans:
    Lighting Rod, Bifocals, Revolver, Fiberglass, Sewing Machine, Safety Pin, Elevator, Machine Gun, Typewriter, Barbed Wire, Vacuum Cleaner, Denim Jeans, Telephone, Lightbulb, Saccharin, Electric Fan, Coca-Cola, Handheld Camera, Jukebox, Zipper, Motion Pictures, Matchbook, Escalator, Pepsi-Cola, Tractor, Electric Toaster, Autopilot on Airplanes, Automatic Rifle, False Eyelashes, Bulldozer, Frozen Food, Car Radio, Scotch Tape, Nylon, Teflon, Microwaves, Polaroid Camera, Oral Contraceptives, Heart Pacemakers, Laser, Pull-Tab Opener, Bar Codes for retail use, Electronic Mail, Personal Computers

  • Some Things invented by Britains:
    Pressure Cooker, Match, Kitchen Range, Sandwiches, Modern Flush Toliets, Gas Lighting, Locomotive, Lawn Mower, Computer, Postage Stamp, Bicycle, Travel Agency, Gliders, Refrigerators, Linoleum, Color Photography, Stapler, Thermos, Loudspeaker, Car Disc Brakes, Telephone Booth, Geiger Counter, Stainless Steel, Tanks, Decompression Chambers, Food Processor, Hovercraft, Acrylic Paint, CAT Scanner, Genetic Fingerprinting, Test-Tube Babies, Soccer, Tennis, Sell-By Dates on Food, Disposable Diaper, Airline Meals, Kissing Under the Mistletoe, Package Tours, Hearse, Christmas Cards, Punk Rock

  • Some Things invented by The French:
    Suits, Ties, Aspirin, Coffeepot, Handkerchief, Christmas Cracker, Wallpaper

  • Actual Products :
    "Sor Bits" - Danish Mints
    "Krapp" - Scandinavian Toliet Paper
    "Grand Dick " - French Red Wine
    "Nora Knackers " - Norwegian Biscuits
    "Moron" - Italian Wine
    "Mukki" - Italian Yogurt
    "Craps Chocolate " - Chocolate in France
    "Plopp" - Swedish Toffee Bar
    "Bum" - Turkish Biscuits
    "Donkee Basterd Suker " - Dutch Sugar
    "Zit" - Greek Soft Drink
    "Bimbo Bread" - Bread in South America
    "Darkie Toothpaste" - Toothpaste in Taiwan
    "Pschitt" - French Soft Drink
    "Homo-Milk" - Milk in Canada

  • How To Say "Beer" in other Countries: .
    cerveza (Spanish), sor (Hungarian), cerveja (Portuguese), biere (French), bier (German), bjor (Iceland), pombe (Swahili), pivo (Russian), ol (Swedish), olut (Finland), bira (Turkish), bir (Indonesian), bere (Romanian), birra (Italian), beera (Greek)

  • Some Deadly Australian Creatures:
    BLUE-RINGED OCTOPUS- one bite or squirt causes immediate paralysis & death in minutes.
    SEA WASP/BOX JELLYFISH - human survival rate almost zero, 4 minutes from being stung to being dead.
    TAIPAN SNAKE - 180 times more potent than a king cobra. You're dead within 3 seconds of a bite.
    TIGER SNAKE - death takes 12 hours, antidote must be taken within 30 minutes
    FUNNEL-WEB SPIDER - Tree dweller, kills humans within 15 minutes
    CONUS TEXTILE SHELLS - underwater sea creature with 21 darts, each of which has enough poison to kill 300 people. Death in minutes.
    IRUKANDJI JELLYFISH - deadly transparent sea creature with poisonous tentacles; sting causes heart attack in humans, leaving swimmers to drown.
    SALTWATER CROCODILE- kills 2000 people a year because of how fast it is in and out of the water; it can outrun a galloping horse and kills in seconds.
    GREAT WHITE SHARK - most dangerous of the many sharks in Aussie waters, kills in seconds with just one snap of its awesome teeth.
    RED-BACKED SPIDER - the female is the deadly variety, kills in a few minutes, but deaths have ceased since an antidote was found.

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