The New Music Seminar
It‘s a new year, a new decade. Shouldn‘t you have a new plan for success?

Part Two of Two...

New Music Seminar - Tommy Boy Records

"No matter what type of music you are into, rock, hip-hop, dance or polka, whether you play, sing, rap or spin, the New Music Seminar is where you'll learn how to turn your passion into success."

Tom Silverman, Tommy Boy Records/New Music Seminar

After some rave reviews this year in New York City and the smash success of its second event in Chicago, the New Music Seminar (NMS) is coming to Los Angeles on February 2nd with a full slate of education, entertainment, discussion and debate designed to address the music industry's shifting landscape and to map out its future course. We're pleased to announce our sponsorship of the New Music Seminar -- and to offer a special NMS discount available only to Promo Only subscribers.

"We are at a crossroads in the music business," says Jim Robinson, director Promo Only. "Artists, managers, producers, and labels of every level of success are desperately looking for direction. For many, it's a question of survival." "This is a hard time for the industry," agrees Tom Silverman, founder of legendary Tommy Boy Records and architect of the New Music Seminar. "Album sales are down 50% since 2000. Radio is breaking less new music than at any previous time in history. Record companies are signing fewer and fewer new artists and artist development budgets continue to shrink."

"On the upside, artists have never had so much power to control their own careers. Instead of just spinning, you can make a few tracks and sell them on Beatport – that's a new revenue center for DJs who can produce their own tracks. You can go to TuneCore or Beatport and make your music available worldwide. It costs very little to do that. Anyone can create their own label and potentially reach millions."

"The downside is that a greater percentage of dance and electronic music is illegally downloaded than any other genre of music. But there are guys out there dropping a track a week or offering online mixtapes for free to expand their brand, and when their brand expands to a certain point, they get name recognition and they can gig off of that. They've built buzz for themselves; they've developed a fan-base that can be monetized."

"This may well prove to be the golden age for new artists -- if you know all the secrets."

The New Music Seminar is a low-cost one day event that will give you the tools you need to build the career you've always wanted.

Event highlights include:

  • How to turn your music dreams into reality
  • The secret to rising above the noise floor generated by Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.
  • An insider's view of the music business that will give you opportunities you never knew existed
  • Simple strategies to build your touring business
  • The newest technologies and techniques to market yourself and manage your business
"We've done projections that show by 2013 the music business we've known all our lives will be pretty much over. What's going to replace the model that's worked so successfully for the last 50 years? We're convening the architects of the next music business to begin building the new model before the old one's done," says Silverman. "This is where the revolution begins." "NMS is a game-changer," concurs Robinson. "This is where artists and labels alike can get the knowledge necessary to step into tomorrow's music business today. We're very proud to be a part of that."

Promo Only subscribers will receive a two-for-one discount on New Music Seminar passes. For details, call us at 407-331-3600 or email us at customerservice@promoonly.

For further information regarding the New Music Seminar, click here or email

New Music Seminar
February 2, 2010
Los Angeles

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Alt Dance 80-83v2 Alternative Dance 80-83 Volume 2

Alternative Dance 80-83 V2 brings to light 41 previously unavailable videos from one of music's most unique and exciting eras. You'll be hard pressed to find a more essential collection of dance-pop, glam-rock and New Wave classics anywhere…

Tracklistings include:
I Ran (So Far Away), Flock of Seagulls; Too Shy, Kajagoogoo; (Keep Feeling) Fascination, Human League; Red Skies, The Fixx; Talk Talk, Talk Talk; Never Say Never, Romeo Void; Girls On Film, Duran Duran; and Destination Unknown, Missing Persons and more!

NOTE: Available as DVD and DFF (digital file format)
To place your order today call 407-331-3600 or email

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Serato-SL3 But Wait – there‘s more… The Rane SL3 kicks interface butt with more of what you need

Like its predecessor, the renowned SL1, the new SL3 pro-DJ interface connects one or two standard vinyl or CD turntables to your computer and mixer and allows you to seamlessly scratch and mix files from your Mac or PC to your heart‘s desire.

That‘s where the similarities end…

For starters, plug your mixer into the SL3‘s input and you‘re going to get better, more robust sound, thanks to the 20-plus years of experience audio titan Rane brings to the table. The SL3 runs on USB 2.0, delivering 24-bit audio processing operating at 48k, so the dynamic range is huge, which translates to a surprisingly warm, punchy sound. By offering some 3 volts of power -- more than enough to drive the biggest of house systems – the SL3 also provides horsepower to spare. You may not always need the added juice, but it‘s nice to know it‘s under the hood.

"Our professional customers want a bigger sound from a smaller box with simpler connections, so that‘s exactly what we‘ve made" says Rane regional sales manager Mike May. "The SL3 is about maximizing audio performance".

The SL3 also features galvanized studio grade input preamps (the same as those found in the Rane TTM 57SL) that are individually switchable, allowing for a mix of turntables and CD players. This compact design eliminates the need for extra cables and makes for a quick and easy set up.

Planning to grow? The SL3 offers not two but three inputs on the front of the box that, considering the never-ending advent of new and better control sources, should keep the SL3 cutting-edge for a generation or two.

The 12" vinyl records and control CDs included each have Serato‘s exclusive and unique control signal which allows Scratch Live to precisely track the motion of the record, ensuring a feel and sound indistinguishable from playing vinyl.

"The SL1 remains a great product for those just getting into digital mixing," concludes May. "But what we‘re seeing is a shift to SL3 because DJs are anticipating the need for increased performance, they‘re looking for better fidelity, they‘re looking for more options in a box that will allow them to grow."

The SL3 – gear you can grow old with.

Street price? At or around $699.00.

For more info regarding the Serato SL3 pro-DJ interface visit

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The Angry Kids

are mad about music

For all their tongue-in-cheek bluster -- this is an act that bills itself as the Greatest Band in the Universe and cites The Monkees, Milli Vanilli, The Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, New Kids On The Block, Menudo, and all manufactured rockstars as their influences -- The Angry Kids just might be the greatest DJ/remixing team you‘ve never heard of.

That‘s about to change…

Born of an unlikely long-distance alliance between bi-coastal Canadians Ryan (ry2k) Wilok, Tommy (Tom Da Domb) Causevski and Jeff (Beckstein) Beck, The Angry Kids are neither kids nor angry, much. They are, in fact, seasoned industry pros with a penchant for bombast whose sample-based bad-ass remixes (most notably Mr. Brown, the duo‘s much-spun spin on the Bob Marley‘s classic) have been spreading like wildfire among Canadian club DJs.

"Jeff and I, we live on opposite ends of the country," says Wilok. "We do everything by telephone and internet. We‘ve only been in the same room maybe three or four times."

"Yeah, something like that," concurs Beck. "We couldn‘t do what we do without the technology that‘s available."

What this trio does amounts to a new breed of sample-based composing that positions them as front-line remixers. Case in point: their new take on Portland-based alt-rockers The Lives of Famous Men‘s Annie Taylor.

"Our first real single was the Marley record," says Ryan. "It was sample based, a song most people know. Annie Taylor is virtually an unknown song, but the song is just so good. Initially we were supposed to remix the record but in talking with the guys in the band they admitted they wouldn‘t know what to do with a remix. So I flipped it back to them and said why don‘t you license the sample, and let us do what we do with it."

The results are as stunning as they are infectious – a unique blend of haunting house and angst-ridden rock that redefines what it is to remix and bodes well for the The Angry Kids – and your dance floor.

You could wait for Annie Taylor to debut on iTunes North America January 26th. Or you could check it out now courtesy of our January 2010 Alternative Club and February Mainstream Club issues.

For more info on The Angry Kids catalog of remixes and/or upcoming live shows, visit their MySpace page or email

To hear more about the great music to be found on our Alternative Club and Mainstream Club selections, give us a shout at 407-331-3600.

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Need a turntable in your pocket?   There’s an app for that.

Introducing Amidio's new Touch DJ for iPhone

I-Phone APP-dj
Hailed as the first true DJ MP3 iPhone / iPod touch app in the world, Amidio's new Touch DJ program enables users to independently manipulate two MP3 or M4A files, including scratching, looping, positioning, equalization, effects and pitching. The "visual mixing" feature requires all sorts of tapping and sliding, but the on-screen UI seems pretty elegant from what we've seen.

The only real knock we have is that there's currently no way to get music directly from your iTunes library into the program; instead, you'll have to reload your tracks into the app's own MP3 library. Still, for those looking to ditch the hard case and waltz in with a pocketful of boogie, this ain't a half-bad option.

Check out the demo video above or visit the Amidio website for more info… [ Priced at $19.99 ]

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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series -- [click here]

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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

Since there was tons of kissing going on at midnight recently, here's some interesting facts about smooching!

  • According to the book of Genesis, the first kiss was delivered by God to breathe the spirit of life into Adam .
  • Studies have shown that 97% of women shut eyes, men only 37%. Some say it could be to keep from getting caught...
  • The Romans started kissing on the lips as a way for a husband to see if his wife had been drinking during the day. The practice got so popular Emperor Tiberius had to ban it after an epidemic outbreak of lip sores!
  • The French kiss was invented in the Brittany village of Pays de Mont as a sex substitute as their population was growing too fast!
  • XXXX's are used in love letters to represent kisses. This started back in the days by people who couldn't write, and signed their names with the "x". To emphasize sincerity, the mark was repeated.
  • Humans are not the only animals to kiss. Polar bears and kangaroos kiss, and chipanzees can french kiss. Sea lions rub mouths, male mice lick female mice mouths, and elephants sometimes brush trunks against another's lips!
  • The Anti-Kissing League was formed in 1909 in the USA by folks who considered kissing unhealthy,
  • How and where you kiss used to be a sign of social pecking order. Equals kissed each other on the cheek. The lower you ranked to another the lower you had to kiss them, thus a slave kissed his master's feet, and prisoners would have to kiss the ground near the feet.
  • The most kissed statue in the world is a marble statue of Guidarello Guidarelli, a 16th century Italian soldier. At the end of the 19th century it was rumored that a woman who kissed the statue would marry a fabulous man.
  • Kiss to get a free car? A 23 year old waitress from Sante Fe did. In 1994 she kissed a car for 32 hours and 20 minutes and loosened 4 teeth in the process!
  • Mono is referred to as the kissing disease.
  • A person vomiting is said to be "kissing the porcelain god".
  • Internet surfers like to KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
  • The film with the most kisses is the 1926 Don Juan, in which John Barrymore performed 191 kisses with different women.
  • Kissing around the world: Eskimoe rub noses, as do a good many other peoples. Polynesians like a nose rub but also enjoy the mitakuku, which involves biting hairs from eyebrows. Trobriand islanders bite each other's eyelashes, in the Pacific Islands they inhale each others breath. In Gambia a man hold's the back of his partner's hand against his nose. If you are in Scotland and offered a Glasgow kiss, or in Liverpool and offered a Kirby kiss, you'd better refuse unless you want a head butt.
  • Kissing is good for your teeth according to dentists as it encourages saliva which acts as mouthwash that helps prevent tooth decay.
  • A really tongue-twisting kissing session exercises 39 facial muscles and burn up to 150 calories, that's more than a 15-minute swim! FYI - an ordinary peck uses up just 3 calories.

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