Music – it’s not just monthly anymore...
Introducing Express Audio Digital File Format (DFF)!

Announcing the new, FASTER way to receive the newest top 40, hip-hop, rock and country releases -- all on one data-disc (DVD-ROM), delivered weekly, tagged with artist, title and BPM, and ready to drag and drop to your hard drive...

What is Express Audio DFF?

Express Audio DFF (digital file format) provides weekly delivery of the newest releases as high-quality lossless files on a data-disc (DVD-ROM), ready for drag-and-drop transfer to your hard drive.

Each weekly issue will feature approximately 20+ new top 40, urban, rock and country releases as Lossless Digital Audio files, with each track conveniently tagged to include artist, title, BPM, and more!

A quick look at the benefits of DFF
  • Featuring 20-25 new pop, dance, urban, rock and country releases per data-disc (DVD-ROM) with weekly delivery
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Tagged to include artist, title, BPM and more
  • Billed monthly (credit card required)
  • Average of 40% smaller file size then WAV (example: 40MB wav is reduced to a 25MB lossless file)
  • Superior quality to MP3
  • Support for iPod, iPhone, or other Apple Lossless compatible decoding devices
  • The ability to transfer from Apple Lossless into any other audio format without generation loss

Express Audio DFF offers you all the convenience of monthly billing, with no long-term commitment for the highest quality Audio files available.

Place a credit card on file with us and $50.00 per month (billed on the first business day of each month) brings you access to over 80 new tracks per month, within days – not weeks – of their release.

Check out our special Charter Member offer below!

As Express Audio DFF is billed one month in advance, start up will require two payments of $50.00 each.

Express Audio DFF Plus!

Express Audio DFF will focus on radio releases only (no explicit content). Those who wish to also add the programming featured on our Dance Radio, Club series selections, Latin series or Christian releases are welcome to add an additional monthly format to their Express Audio DFF subscription for an additional $10.00 per month (a $30 discount off our standard 12-month multi-subscription rate).

Express Audio DFF Plus brings you 4 weekly data-discs (DVD-ROM) and one monthly selection per month for $60.00 per month.

Express Audio DFF Plus Video on DVD!

We’re offering Express Audio subscribers the unique opportunity to add a monthly Video DVD selection to their Audio DFF account for an additional $20.00 per month, giving you the best of both worlds and the chance to check out music video with no long-term commitment.

Express Audio DFF Plus DVD brings you 4 weekly CDs and one monthly Video DVD selection per month for $70.00 per month.

Subscription rollovers are available!

Can you convert your existing monthly subscription to the advantages of Express Audio DFF?

You bet. Simply give us a shout at 407-331-3600 and we’ll explain how we can pro-rate any remaining issues you have coming and apply that pro-rated total towards your new Express Audio DFF subscription.

A special introductory offer!

Be among the first to sign up for Express Audio DFF and you’ll pay just $45.00 per month for as long as you continue to subscribe!

As a Charter Express Audio DFF Member you’ll lock in this special rate for as long as you continue to subscribe to Express Audio DFF without interruption.

For those who want everything now – now there’s Express Audio DFF.
Your subscription starts with a call to 407-331-3600 today.
Click for more information about Express Audio DFF.

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Building a bigger better complete video collection
introducing Hot Video Classics newest additions...

If you’re looking to complete your library with a collection of classics that spans decades and offers a veritable encyclopedia of essential hits, we invite you to take a look at our Hot Video Classics collection...

It’s as true as it is cliché: You can’t go wrong with the classics. A well-chosen classic is the superglue of any well-constructed set and the signature of any well-rounded DJ. Of course there are classics and there are Hot Video Classics…

All-Time Party Classics

As the name implies, our All-Time Party Classics provides you with all the biggest party anthems on one DVD. Tracklistings include You Shook Me All Night Long; Mony, Mony; Celebration; Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide); Bust A Move; Ice Ice Baby; Macarena; (Come On Ride) The Train; You Dropped The Bomb On Me; and more.

Best of Old Skool Volumes 1 – 5

Hip-hop and funk’s earliest hits are what make our Old Skool collections among our most popular Hot Video selections. Available as four individual volumes, Old Skool offers such pioneering party-favorites as Planet Rock; Let’s Groove Tonight; It Takes Two; Give It To Me Baby; (There’s A) Freak Show On The Dance Floor; Roxanne Roxanne; Cool It Now; California Love; and more.

Best of 70s, Best of 80s, Best of 90s, Best of 2000s

Disco, classic rock, New Wave, dance-pop, hip-hop – you’ll find the pick of four decades of hits on our Best of 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000 collections. Available as 48 individual DVDs, with more volumes to come, our “Best of” series puts the industry’s most complete music video library at your fingertips. Tracklistings include: Y.M.C.A; Rock With You; The Joker; Billy Jean; Caribbean Queen; I Wanna Dance With Somebody; Pour Some Sugar On Me; The Power; Rhythm Is A Dancer; No Diggity; My Name Is…; Get The Party Started; Hella Good; and more.

Best of Country, Best of Tropical Latin, Best of Love Songs, Best of Hair Bands

We help cover theme-nights and special events with a variety of specialty DVDs. Available genres include Country, Latin, 80s rock, and a collection of the world’s most enduring ballads – any of which will offer you the instant library of essential hits you’ll need to pull off any special show like a pro.

Best of Christmas, Spooky Videos, Ambient Videos

Holiday play always presents a special challenge, especially with so little appropriate video content available. Our Best of Christmas, Spooky Videos and Ambient Videos meet that challenge with programming that targets Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s and more. Additionally, our Ambient Videos allow you to customize any videos to reflect any occasion – birthdays, homecomings, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, and more.

Best of 80-83 Volume 4

Tracklistings include such past pop, dance, urban, and rock favorites as: Mr. Roboto, Styx; I'll Tumble 4 Ya, Culture Club; She's A Beauty, The Tubes; She's A Bad Mama Jama, Carl Carlton; Rock Of Ages, Def Leppard; In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins; and Say, Say, Say, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

Best of Old Skool Volume 5

Featuring 38 digitally remastered music videos on one DVD, Best of Old Skool Volume 5 track listings include such classics as: Basketball, Curtis Blow; Come Go With Me, Expose; We Got Our Own Thang, Heavy D & the Boyz; Fascinated, Company B; Roxanne, Roxanne, U.T.F.O.; Together Forever, Lisette Melendez; and Let’s Get It Started, MC Hammer.

Hot Video Classics Best of 2003 Volume 3

Available individually as a subscription addition, Best of 2003 Volume 3 tracklistings include: Miss Independent, Kelly Clarkson; Me Against The Music, Britney Spears w/Madonna; It's My Life, No Doubt; Rock Your Body, Justin Timberlake; Disease, Matchbox Twenty; and Hey Ya!, Outkast.


Whether you’re looking for fodder for your next mash-up, or working a retro-room, theme night or special event, don’t forget that your career depends on your ability to bridge genres and generations. Hot Video Classics give you the tools to build that bridge, no matter where you’re going.

For full tracklistings or more info about any Hot Video Classic, visit or call your music consultant at 407-331-3600.

To order any Hot Video Classics, have your customer number and credit card ready when you call!

And don’t forget: Hot Video Classics are available to our CD subscribers, too...

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The Pioneer CDJ-900 tabletop multi-player
Hot on the heels of Pioneer’s new CDJ-2000 comes the next-generation CDJ-900 multi-player. Pioneer may have saved the best for last…

If you’re a fan of the Pioneer CDJ-800 – like us – you’re about to fall in love all over again. Here’s why: The new CDJ-900 offers the same legendary quality and playability of the CDJ-800 plus native playback of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files from CDs and USB memory devices, virtually eliminating the need to lug the laptop.

Like the CDJ-2000, the CDJ-900 also includes rekordbox™, Pioneer’s new proprietary music management software, capable of organizing and cataloging your entire music library. Import your files to rekordbox™ and it analyzes and prepares them for use specifically with your CDJ-900. Sweet.
Big plus? rekordbox™ provides song info at a glance on the CDJ’s generous LCD display that makes for quick and easy access by genre, title, BPM, etc.

The Enhancements (at a glance)...

Slip Mode – When activated, Slip Mode silently continues song playback during a loop, reverse or scratch and continues audible playback at the exact time when the loop, reverse or scratch is ended creating smoother transitions.

Advanced Auto Beat Loop – The CDJ-900 generates a four-beat loop at a touch of a button creating a customized sound to provide more time for you to create that perfect blend.

For more accurate tempo control while mixing
, the 900 offers increased increments of 0.5 frames that allows you to set a cue point or loop point with more precision.

To achieve the highest sound quality, the 900 comes equipped with the audio industry’s much respected Wolfson DAC processors, delivering a transparent, accurate audio signal that translates to a new and improved signal-to-noise ratio and increased headroom.

You can see more of the CDJ-900 in action by clicking here.

Suggested retail price? $1600.00. We’ve confirmed street price will be significantly less...

The final word? DJ with yesterday’s technology today and you could be history tomorrow. If you're looking to update your gear we suggest picking up a CDJ-900 right now...

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Gets an A+++

Comedian Martin Mull had it right when he said talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Thankfully, thanks to the new medium our e-magazine provides, they’ll be less talk and more listening to what we consider a remarkable new CD from a remarkable talent…

Born in Johannesburg South Africa, DJ Gavin Hardkiss (aka Hawke) now makes his home in the City by the Bay, remixing for the likes of Led Zeppelin, Elton John and The Beatles, performing alongside the likes of Snoop Dogg and The Buena Vista Social Club and releasing original recordings worldwide, the most recent of which, +++, recently caught our ears, courtesy of Eighth Dimension Records.

Drenched in a soulful disregard for convention, +++ draws on a distinctly West Coast blend of Electronica, Deep House, Chill Out, and Psychedelic to offer, as Hardkiss himself describes it, an album at once “romantic and futurist, confident and vulnerable, sexually charged and childlike, anticipating something big to happen.”

Listen for yourself and see why Hardkiss has been dubbed “electronic music royalty” by Wired Magazine.

To learn more about +++, click here.

Album also available on iTunes

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Promo Only and the Roller Skating Association
Together we’re good business

We’ve always had a soft spot for skating centers. Like a lot of you, a lot of us got our start or heard our first DJ at our neighborhood rink: Jam On It. Planet Rock. Girls. Good times.

These days, we still have a soft spot for the family friendly entertainment rinks continue to provide, through good times and bad, which is why you’ll find us at every Roller Skating Association (RSA) convention, talking with and listening to owners and operators to learn how we can better meet their needs.

They’ve told us of the importance of a well-rounded selection of clean edits. We responded with an expanded selection of exclusive Promo Only Clean Edits. They’ve told us of the fierce battle to draw tweenies and teens away from their video games and computers. We responded with an ever-growing line of music video and specialty DVDs designed to engage the video generation with compelling family-friendly content. More recently we’ve heard of the profit pinch many operators are experiencing. And we responded with a special RSA discount that’s but one of the many perks RSA members enjoy.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. If you’re a current or future skating operator who’s yet to check out all that RSA membership can offer, we invite you to do so – today!

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the advantages RSA membership brings…

  • A list of rink consulting services that can provide you with critical guidance, support and research as you embark on your goal to open a roller skating center. Rink consultants are your key to finding out all the information you need to open a skating center.
  • The Roller Skating Association International’s Industry Guide, a 300 page book developed by the association to assist individuals in opening up a skating center. The book contains information on every aspect of skate center operation.
  • Future skating center operators can now apply for RSA membership and receive a FREE Industry Guide.
  • A listing of affiliate member businesses that provide supplies and services to support the roller skating industry, such as flooring, concession stand equipment, skate supplies and other supplies, equipment and services.
  • A list of frequently asked questions and answers that pertain to opening a roller skating center.
  • Information on the RSA/Pepsi National Program.
  • Check out the latest industry stats as well as fun and entertainment facts.
  • The SBA offers additional resources for opening a business.
  • Special Promo Only rates and expert personal consultation.
For more information on the RSA visit

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Now Available: Old Skool v6

Available November 1st: Best of Old Skool Volume 6 -- 36 digitally remastered pop, hip-hop and freestyle classics that include: It's Tricky, Run DMC; Sex Shooter, Apollonia 6; Show Me, The Cover Girls; Breakin'...There's No Stopping Us, Ollie & Jerry; I Wanna Be The One, Stevie B; and Yah Mo B There, James Ingram f./Michael McDonald.

For complete listings, click here.

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Useless Information! - Fun facts, trivia, or just plain silly stuff!

"Things That Are Not What They Seem"

  • RICE PAPER contains not one grain of rice.
  • FRENCH FRIES originated in Belgium, not France.
  • GREAT DANES come from Germany, not Denmark.
  • TEN GALLON HATS hold only about 6 pints of water
  • KOALA BEARS are not bears, they're marsupials.
  • MOUNTAIN GOATS aren't goats, they are small antelopes.
  • FIREFLIES aren't flies, they are beetles.
  • THE FUNNY BONE isn't a bone, it's a nerve.
  • JACKRABBITS aren't rabbits, they're hares.
  • SHOOTING STARS are meteors.
  • PRAIRIE DOGS aren't dogs, they're rodents.
  • GUINEA PIGS aren't pigs, nor are they from Guinea. They're South American rodents.
  • CATGUT isn't made from cats, it's made from sheep.
  • LEAD PENCILS contain no lead, only graphite.
  • GLOWWORMS aren't worms, they are beetles
  • THE HORNED TOAD isn't a toad, its a lizard.
  • BOMBAY DUCK isn't duck, it's dried fish.
  • TURKISH BATHS originated in Rome, not in Turkey.
  • SILKWORMS aren't worms, they're caterpillars.
  • PEANUTS aren't nuts, they're legumes.

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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series -- [click here]

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