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Time is money -- how to create more of both. Thanks to our new DFF MPEG4 DVD selections, music video has never been easier to use, more affordable or more effective in bringing you new business…

Saving Time. Making Money.

Not so long ago, there was really only one option for playing music video – you bought a DVD player, you inserted the DVD, pressed play, and voilà – you were a VJ. Nothing wrong with that, other than the hassle of carrying a video library to every gig and rifling through some dozen-plus DVDs every three minutes to find the song you need.

Then came computer programs that would play music videos. Only they weren’t so reliable.

And DVDs were still being made to be played in DVD players.

More recently we’ve seen serious strides in software that have brought the performance previously reserved for high-end DVD players to laptops in a major way, for a fraction of the cost. Almost overnight, it seems as though solid, sophisticated computer-performance has become something most of us already take for granted.

And DVDs were still being made to be played in DVD players… until now.

Today, we’re proud to say that those hours it takes to convert, tag and store music video to hard drive – and the often frustrating learning curve that goes with it -- are a thing of the past, thanks to our new line of DFF (digital file format) discs.

The DFF Difference

Rip a standard DVD and you’re in for some work, albeit not the hours of backbreaking labor some would have you believe. You will have to extract the MPEG2 files from their VOB containers (VOB is what your DVD player actually reads); you will have to tag (title) them; and you will have to convert them to MPEG4 (the file format most VJ software programs recognize), a process that can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes for you to initiate, and a few hours for your computer to complete.

Not so bad, at first glance. But convert an entire video library over to your hard drive and you can see where the minutes add up...

On the other hand, here’s how easy loading a Promo Only DFF disc is: Drag. Drop. Done. Really.

Our DFF discs come to you already tagged (with artist, title, BPM and more), already as high-quality MPEG4s and all ready for you to simply copy and paste to your desktop.

All of which means that adding music video – and the additional revenue it provides – has never been easier.

The Video Advantage

Let’s say you’re a bride. Or maybe a club owner. You’re looking to hire a DJ. You’ve narrowed your list down to two possible candidates. The first DJ is no slouch: He looks good, talks a good game, has references -- even a CD of some of his best mixes. You’re impressed. In walks DJ #2, portable DVD player in hand. He greets you, thanks you for your time, and invites you to watch a demo of his video show. You smile immediately at the sight of the classic videos that perfectly capture the theme of your event; you continue to be drawn in by the flow of videos and live-camera footage across a projection screen that frames the DJ as he works your audience. As the demo fades to black, you can’t help but ask how DJ #2 managed to customize it all with a succession of video overlays that announce everything from birthdays to anniversaries, homecomings, holidays and more…

Which DJ are you going hire?

Simply put: Video gives you more to offer, which means more offers (and income) for you.

Advantage: music video.

How would like your DFF? Monthly? Weekly? How about Classics on DFF? For all the info you need to put video to work for you, call 407-331-3600 or email customerservice@promoonly.com today.

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The future’s looking good for yesterday’s hits – Wondering if we’ve got any new Hot Video Classics? Or if you’re favorite Hot Video Classics are available as DFF (MPEG4) discs? We’ve got good news…

They don’t call them golden oldies for nothing: Hardly a day goes by when we don’t get a thank you (and another order) from a satisfied subscriber who’s realized that more classics mean more cash.

If you’re not booking all the theme nights, high-school reunions and other mixed events you’d like, our Hot Video Classics and Hot Video Classics DFF (featuring the convenience of drag-and-drop MPEG4 files) can help…

Hot Video Classics: Turn yesterday’s hits into tomorrow’s bookings today.

Best of 2003 Volume 2 Best of Tropical Latin Volume 3 Urban Mix Video Volume 7
Best of Love Songs Volume 5 Best of Old Skool Volume 5 Best of Country Volume 5
New on DFF!    
All-Time Partly Classics DFF Best of 87-89 Volume 1 DFF Best of 2002 Volume 3 DFF
Best of 80-83 Volume 1 DFF Best of 87-89 Volume 3 DFF Best of 2003 Volume 1 DFF
Best of 80-83 Volume 3 DFF Best of 87-89 Volume 4 DFF Best of 2003 Volume 2 DFF
Best of 80-83 Volume 4 DFF Best of 87-89 Volume 5 DFF Best of Country Volume 5 DFF
Spooky Videos Volume 2 DFF Old Skool Volume 5 DFF Best of Love Songs Volume 5 DFF

Did you know Hot Video Classics are available to CD subscribers, too?

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A look at the new Denon DN-X1700 Flagship Digital Mixer -- Denon flexes some prodigious engineering muscle to offer a market-driven digital mixer sure to top its class…

Big props to Denon for the grass-roots research and cutting-edge design that have gone into the development of their new DN-X1700 Flagship Digital Mixer. Taking their cue from real-world professional DJs, Denon’s engineers have come up with an intuitive, Swiss-Army knife of a mixer that compliments any DJ style.
Works with Vinyl turntables? Check. CD Decks, Media Players, DJ software applications via laptops and USB storage devices? Check, check, and double check.
And check this out: In addition to the 32-bit floating-point digital signal processor (DSP) at the heart of the DN-X1700, Denon has equipped its Flagship mixer with 32-bit digital/analog conversion at the audio output stage, a neat little trick that provides additional headroom in the conversion process, resulting in an analog output signal with greater resolution and frequency response.
Also high on the cool-meter: The DN-X1700’s extensive Utility mode offers various customized user settings for Audio, System, MIDI and Owner—plus a setting for the onboard Limiter that protects expensive speakers, amps and any other spike-sensitive gear in your signal chain.
Additional features include a full complement of I/Os:

  • Balanced XLR and phono analog outs
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • 5-pin MIDI Output
  • Four digital ins, one digital out (44.1/48/96 kHz)
  • Effects send and return
  • Balanced 1/4-inch booth output
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch mic inputs
  • Stereo phono recording outs
  • Four 3.5mm Fader Starts
Price? At or around $1799.00

For more info visit http://www.denondj.com/FeaturedProducts.aspx?pid=112

Video demo (courtesy of http://www.agiprodj.com)

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The Hitlist -- Find all the hottest top 40, hip-hop, country, rock, dance and Latin hits -- and where they appear on your Promo Only series -- [click here]

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The Stars came out for the Promo Only/Pioneer Party in AC -- Pitbull, Paradiso Girls, Naughty by Nature, AnnaGrace, Freedom Williams and our subscribers take Atlantic City’s House of Blues by storm.

[The slideshow starts here...]

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There's a prize in every box – Pick up Pioneer’s new MEP-7000 multimedia player and controller and put 4 three-month Promo Only CD subscriptions in your pocket (12 CDs total – a $200.00 value).

For those of you who’ve wondered when Pioneer was going to hop on the digital controller bandwagon, the answer’s here: The MEP-7000 multimedia player and controller enables users to play MP3/AAC files stored on various memory formats right along with conventional media such as CD, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. The system can also be set up to play and mix music automatically using playlists, allowing the system to entertain when no DJ is present.

Purchase the MEP-7000 before November 30th 2009 and you’ll hit the ground running with 4 three-month subscriptions to the Promo Only CD subscriptions of your choice (a $200.00 value).

For more on the MEP-7000 visit http://www.pioneerprodj.com/dj-equipment/cd/mep-7000.asp

To download the Pioneer/Promo Only coupon required to receive your free subscriptions, visit http://www.pioneerprodj.com/images/rebates/PromoOnly_RF.pdf

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